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We all need a free alternative to YouTube!

PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software.

PeerTube is currently in beta version, that's why @Framasoft needs your help to pave the road to version 1.0!


(Framasoft is a small french non-profit, so do not hesitate to Boost this Toot to non-french user and invite them to help us fund PeerTube v1)

C'est malin de mettre un firewall et de ne pas ouvrir le port 22 pour le SSH.

You may be interested in #peerTube which is a decentralized-federated video hosting network.

more on peerTube

support the project

This ongoing campaign aims at giving Peertube a more international audience and gain traction (bugreports, possibly patches and every kind of contribution, including "install-your-own-instance") as well as collecting money for development.

Just spreading the message would be a nice help. Thanks!

Please report spam if you see it. Those spambots can go to hell

Yohou ! Retrouvez mon premier article sur le framablog : une interview de @eliotberriot @funkwhale !
On parle de musique, d'auto-hébergement, de fédération, et même d' #ActivityPub !

Goofy 📖 🍝 @goofy

hep, FUNKWHALE ça dépote, c'est un logiciel qui permet de mettre et transmettre de la musique sur des instances fédérées (vouivoui #activityPub toussa)

Une interview d' @eliotberriot par @starfish pour le framablog

As you can see, I implement a *in the content* function to list all articles. We are going on!

With names like "fedicore", "fedidata", "fedilog"… the user will perfectly know that he/she is crossing the line. And it is not a wall, it's just a line that you can cross, if you know what you are doing (RTFM).
Also, it is a way to brand the code. Not a private brand that is locking down everything, just a marketing thing that is positive by the fact that it is oppen.
Maybe it's a bad idea. 😇

And also, I decided to change the name of the folder from "core" to "fedicore" ("data" to "fedidata"…) because, this project will be in the hands of noob web devs, that the "target". So, I remember, my early days of web dev (I'm an old man :sarkosly: ) when I was checking the Wordpress or so files, maybe for hacking it, but don't really know what files are important, where is the limit.

It was mostly system design aka change the whole point of vue of the project every hours. It's my favorite part in every project, when you decide how things will interlock with each others.

Too bad I didn't commit when I change the name of the folder. Now we can really see the improvement with that :

Derrière les assistants vocaux, des humains vous entendent
Extrait du témoignage de Julie, "transcripteuse" pour Cortana, l'assistant vocal de Microsoft

L'intégralité du témoignage sur

Encore 1 semaine pour agir #ContreLesGafam :

Oh c'est beau ça: µBlock (et PAS µBlock Origin, le seul le vrai, le libre, qu'il faut utiliser) qui intègre un outil de tracking.

Donc non content d'avoir volé le travail du développeur, de faire son beurre sur un projet libre en le copiant & en entretenant la confusion, ils rajoutent un script de tracking.

Les gens, installez µBlock Origin, & surtout pas l'autre.
Là ->

(et pas Addblock non plus, c'est de la merde, pas efficace, & du racket organisé)

#ublock #µblock

:eo_thinking: You prefer :
- ""
- ""
- ""
- ""
- ""
- "" ?
In fact, this question is not invovled in the development of FediBlog because you will customize it, on your own instance. 🤓 Already done :

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