@loconox Chais pas, mais ça a toujours été bizarre.

@jalcine @Niquarl I so didn't read the Funkwhale ideas (your link) that, if you scroll down, you can see a comment posted by somebody named "David Libeau"...

@jalcine @Niquarl And insted or saying "go on youtube search info" (that I'm already doing), you can help me (and others) tp understand your point of view?

@jalcine @nooe @eliotberriot @Chocobozzz @rigelk They trully said that wil release pre-release.
It is wrong to say that all instances are vulnerable to abuse without giving details. My instance is only open to known and trusted people and to known and trusted instances. It consideraly reduce abuse threats.

@jalcine I was not trying to convince you in any way...

@jalcine PeerTube is coded mainly by one person (Chocobozzz, in full time) and with help from Rigelk. Not many people.

@riking @Chocobozzz @eliotberriot @marsxyz @kaniini You, as an admin, you can unfollow the instance and all the videos from this instance will be removed on yours.

Et voilà, promesse tenue : la version 1.0 de #peerTube, plateforme de vidéos libre et fédérée, vient de sortir !


We finally released #PeerTube v1!


Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

Have a nice week 😋

@kaniini @KitRedgrave @jalcine I pointed to you an intox, and you seems not to listen to me, as you complain here : cybre.space/@KitRedgrave/10089. Then I complain to the complainer... 😄

@kaniini @KitRedgrave @jalcine False. The federation is not user powered, like on Mastodon, but admin powered. So admin choose to federate (or not).

@kaniini Do you mean having a "ban the user and deleted all the videos" feature?

@Hamishcampbell I don't think so (but maybe I misunderstood). I think that the goal is only to provide seeder for local client.

@Hamishcampbell They are saying that they are not supporting webseed. So the PeerTube server will provide it. If it helps...

@maloki @Chocobozzz
[...] toot show all of what I think of your action, but saying that all the time may be impossible to have. And you can always find something that I didn't notice, but which I trully think, if you point it to me.

@maloki @Chocobozzz

Thanks for your toot that participate in the debate. Thanks for giving your opinion. Thanks for taking the time on this topic. Thanks for tooting in a public way on Mastodon. Thanks for replying to the raguments.

Replying to a toot that begin with "I can't boost peertube stuff with a good conscience" is already a really considering and involved action. We can't give all the good maners that we trully think, but that we wanted to implicitly say. The begining of this [...]

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