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@Matt_Noyes @Framasoft With videonaute.fr I am trying to build a french cooperative of video game videomakers! 👍

@angristan @Chocobozzz @Cyphergoat Tu créer un serveur web banal et tu as aussi son IP, alors. Reposer le problème sur le P2P c'est se fourrer le doigt dans l’œil.

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CC0 license for Code+Assets . Construct 2 project .

Download free: kronbits.itch.io/kingdom-of-nerea-dark-ages

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

28 days since I commit to the FediBlog project. I want to pursue it but have to work on other projects 😩

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Already 100+ PeerTube instances and close to 10 000 videos!
PeerTube has proven it works, now let's develop this video-tube alternative to its v1!
#JoinPeerTube on frama.link/joinpeertube
Learn more: joinpeertube.org

Je sais pas si on peut vraiment appeler ça un travail.

@Gargron A small CSS bug when you have a two lines title.

Je crois que j'ai compris pourquoi mon serveur me disait "No space left on device" alors que j'ai 2To.
C'est parce que j'ai plusieurs disques virtuels… :trash: Simple, basique.

@Gargron Cool, I'll import soon my mastodon repo on it, if it's also ok.

@Gargron Note that source.joinmastodon.org/ is already open for user registration (just in case it's not wanted).

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#activitypub based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🤠

@Gargron The more personalized is, the best it is.

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