I updated to use the new Mastodon API. It is front-end only : Thanks to that I do not need an extra server. So use it as you want!

@David encountered a behaviour in scheduler that I didn't anticipate - seems that scheduling more toots than can appear on screen on "Your scheduled status" list may remove the older scheduled items from the schedule. Not sure if this is expected, but wanted to mention to you. I seem to have misplaced my scheduled toots from June 20-Aug 1, oops! nbd for our feed as I can re-post later 😅

@laidlawsrule The scheduler is only a front end page relying on Mastodon API. If there is a database limit, it might come from Mastodon.

@David hmm, on July 7 I replaced all the scheduled toots, but they're still not going off. Here's what should have happened yesterday and today.

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