Twitter.ActivityPub.Actor is now fully working (I think)! It is still in beta.
Basically now, you don't need to use anymore : you can use @DavidLibeau !

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@David Is it a bridge between Twitter and Mastodon ?

@Djyp For now, nope. It only provide an actor abject (a person) via ActivityPub. So now it's more like a link.

@David This looks awesome! Do you have plans to build it into a full ActivityPub endpoint that can be followed, too?

@LukasRos In a long term view, maybe, but I don't think that would be activated for everyone.

@David Yes, I understand, enabling it publicly could use a lot of resources and Twitter may not like it either.

Wait, Does it mean that you would get the notification on Twitter?

@rmdes For now it's more like a link to replace

@David OK I thought it was some kind of mastodon plugin that would add a layer able to translate @mentions to the twitter silo.

@David I had thought of building a bridge as an ActivityPub server, rather than the existing ones that use the Mastodon client API... The problem is probably the same though, you will certainly get blocked by Twitter once you start forwarding messages 😢

@tessarakt @David I don't think that applies. They own the data, they can put conditions on the use of their API, even "don't duplicate our app".

@remram44 @David They use their significant market power in social media networks to impair the market for client apps and prevent interoperability between social networks.

@tessarakt They control their own data, like everybody else. The fact they offer an API at all is not a requirement, and putting conditions on it is perfectly legal and really not "abuse", no matter how inconvenient to us

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