I've just created a group, for the development of (Easy self-hosted, ActivityPub, Markdown, PHP, NoSQL, fully customisable blog engine for noob web devs and others!)

Hi @David I found the git repository for #fediblog and it looks like development will continue as I read in an issue.
I like to use the #cms / #cmf #processwire and it would be really great if fediblog could be used as #lib / #framework? Would it possible to include your code and move the views part to cms template files to combine both?

@AHg Yes, I need to continue working on it. I will look at your suggestions

Extend an existing website would be awesome! Handle data runtime with a chance to save it to the cms / cmf of choice (changable backend plugins, universal php class).

#fediblog could be build with that universal framework.

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