wtf? Why the doesnt Firefox check spelling by default? No one ever should *ever* have to download a dictionary for the broweser for spell checking to work OOB.

Its such an insanely stupid move on their part because its stuff like this which will chase people away from Firefox.

I cant even figure out how the hell to get spell checking working, stand alone my mom.

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@DatTux I agree, Firefox 57 (and 58 beta) are just lacking—I switched to Vivaldi (despite hating Google and Chrome) when I realized what was on the horizon. I would love to see FIrefox succeed but not with some of these moves.

@jackyan For sure, I cant wrap my head around how stupid it is! its way too simple to make it work OOB, why the hell would you confuse your users on purpose like that?

Its insanely frustrating to say the least, that and its triggered my ranting disorder I caught developing for iOS.

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