So fucking happy. Just had another kick ass session of maths. It’s amazing what fantastic teachers can teach you. Ive just been doing some fairly complex completing the square questions. Really excited to start learning some more.

Sure, I failed the first exam. BUT, I know I can do well, and I will. I’ve got 4 months before retakes and a fuck tonne of time to sharpen my maths skills to maybe get a higher grade.

I will get to medical school eventually, just not next year now.

In 6 hours, I will be getting out of bed for my maths exam... 🀒


What if I die in the exam hall?

What's the fediverses opinion on Nietzsche? Do you feel his ideas live up to today? Are his ideas still relevant?

Setting the mastodon badoop as my alarm so i get a shot of dopamine straight to the brain the moment i wake up

It's really great to see people taking action and making an actual stand to be heard loud and clear about . I hope that this will also inspire other movements to help adopt change within the UKs current political climate.

United, we have the power to change the landscape of the UK, and that starts with us.

I just dropped my bacon while trying to put it into my toastie 😭😭😭

*looks at clock*

*looks at clock in what seems like 5 mintues later*



Whew, it's been a while. Sexy new tutorial! That's so cool.

I've taken up piano properly and I'm learning more and more every day.

I got an A* in my mock biology test which I'm fucking thrilled at!! A in English and high C in maths.

Need to work on my maths, so hopefully I can get that up to a B.

I'm feeling a little more stable now days, although still hurting a little, but getting there bit by bit.

I've also started volunteering for work experience, so exciting times.

*you run your fingers through my hair*

'ouch wtf'

Happy new years guys.

Just had a crazy fucking thought. IN a year an a half, I will be in university. I could actually be in medical school. Fucking hell thats a crazy thought. So long as I can get my current set of qualifications and the next more intensive set, I'm on the right track.

Its blowing my mind that my life could change so dramatically in that time.

Sometimes I wish I had palisade mesophyll so I could photosynthesize to get away with not eating. Alas, that's not a thing.

🎡 Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people who will NOT be slaves again! 🎡

Who's suffered social anxiety and over come it with time?

I got a question for anyone who has. I've been working hard to not harshly criticise myself, and for the most part it works. I no longer spend hours tearing myself down over silly little awkward social mistakes universal to everyone.

However, awkward slip ups still trigger an automatic emotional response disproportionate to the circumstances at the time whatever it is happens.

I dont beat myself up over it tho. Does this go away?

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