So I’m so tired that I just tried to dry my hand under a running tap. Fun times.

I miss hanging with you guys. I’m gonna try and toot more regularly. This is an awesome place ❀️

Who remembers the days of πŸ˜…

Eeee, I’m so happy for Philosophy Tube (Abigail)!!! I really wish her the best moving forward, and excited to see her progress in her life journey

i'm having a lot of fun speaking Spanish now days. I've noticed since playing more VRChat and chatting with hispanoblantes in Spanish, my speaking and listening abilities have improved massively!!

Exciting stuff. People have been amazing though, and I cant thank them enough <3

If you dread end stage capitalism clap your hands πŸ‘πŸ‘

If you dread end stage capitalism clap your hands πŸ‘ πŸ‘

If you dread end stage capitalism and you really want to show it

if you dread end stage capitalism GUILLOTINE πŸ‘ πŸ‘

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Windows 2000 is one of my fav OS of all time due to it's stability and simplicity at the time, now in it's 20th birthday. Such great memories! -

Oh god, I start my grade 2 piano stuff tomorrow. Its a pretty big step up! Cant believe its been over a year since I started playing

I was just thinking.... If I was in a situation where I ever had to dance, usually the prospect would terrify me. But I've just realized something bizarrely reassuring: Theresa May.

Who knew that our ex prime minister could offer such a source of reassurance. She danced so badly that I could replicate her dance ironically and it'd be a laugh.


Wait, what do you mean Mastodon's first public commit was today 4 years ago? 4 years ago? It's been 4 years?

Don't you just love it when your apps code improves after a refactor, and as a result everything just slowly falls into place?

twice today, I've overheard conversations about the number of stops one needs to stay on a train for. appears that some people think of a stop as passing through a station (while staying on the train), rather than the duration between two stations. meaning that there's a worldview where it's possible to stay on a train for less than one stop.

What the fuck do you do if potential activists within your movement don’t get up and take action?

I was invited into a Young Labour WhatsApp group just after our election devastation, and it had great energy. But it didn’t last longer than 2 nights before everyone stopped talking and planning.

Nothing we set out to do has come to fruition. It’s like no one around here is willing to take action. There’s only so much I can do on my own as an inexperienced activist!

Hoping for a slightly easier day at work tomorrow. My social anxiety these past couple of weeks have been getting worse and worse. I just really hope that tomorrow things are a little easier.

Pretty cool: Signal is now using BlurHash (, the image placeholder algorithm I developed, which is also used by Mastodon, and of course Toot!:

remember kids, adulthood is just constant pain and suffering

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Yo aprender a el momento. Soy muy malo a lo, e yo no hablar lo bien pero yo tratar.

Mi gramΓ‘tica es muy malo, pero yo querer ser bueno a lo.

Yo principio 3 mes hace... Yo querer a ser mejor que esté 😣.

Poco a poco yo suponer!

InglΓ©s es mi primario idioma, yo tengo tanto aprender. Yo amor espaΓ±ol, no esperar a aprender mΓ‘s!

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