Remember when all the white people got angry when Peele said he wanted to hire more black actors. "What if a white director said what he said" well here ya go

Job Title: Drupal/Web Developer
Location: Seattle, WA
Duration: 6+ months
Client: Port of Seattle


US imperialism 

Ro vs. Green Book 

US politics 

Facebook knows your heart rate, if you're ovulating, what flat you'll be renting next, how many grams and what brand of quinoa and chicken breast you ate at 12:13 PM.

hey remember when the Panama Papers came out and showed that most of the rich people in the world are part of an enormous conspiracy to dodge taxes and hoard all their money, and then literally nothing came of it

Juxtapose the fury white folks are throwing at AOC, Ms. Harris, Rep Omar, etc with the millions of dollars they are throwing at the latest round of old white guys that are going to run for POTUS.

Do you see it? Are you paying attention?

You cant use a platform that profits off racial hate, is used to suppress minority votes and whose leadership team will resort to antisemitic attacks to get their way in Congress to then fight racial hate.

Might as well join Republican Party to fight climate change

I'm working on a daily tool that'll show how much money @blackaf earns (income, grants, incoming donations) and spends (outgoing donations, expenses, bills) to continue the provable trend that independent work can be sustainable _and_ that F/LOSS can be supported in this fashion.

The U.S. effort to distribute tons of food and medicine to needy Venezuelans is also designed to foment regime change –– which is why many international aid groups want nothing to do with it.

Ro vs. The Wall 

@somarasu @Are0h

Lol they literally used her as a fundraising tool to keep lobbying Congress the very next day😂. Just say you hate Muslims & go. You’re dismissed.

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