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P'tain les Joy-con, c'est vraiment de la merde niveau enginering.

As it turns out, watercolor cats might be my true calling 🐾

Here's my baby, painted with Rebelle 5
#watercolor #art #cats #mastocats

I've dropped my role as a LibreSprite maintainer because in months I basically did nothing, focusing on other projects. I don't want to have my name on things just to give people a high-sounding impression of me, and the project is in good hands anyway: FManga is doing miracles to make Dotto! shine (the name of the new version), whilst at the same time LibreSprite quality is good enough to be used in a work environment (source: that's what I do every day)

So.. cheers ✨

Hello Mastodon, I am DaaWeeD, former worker in the automotive industry, who left 15 years of pain to work and live from #pixelart. I started pixel seriously in 2018, and I continue to learn more.

#introduction #MastoArt

Pixelfed.Tokyo は東京にサーバーを置くPixelfedサーバーです。





Totally recommend to watch!
The Legend of Luo Xiaohei
The movie and the series too!


Also working on a small tool to make workind on pix-tex easier in blender+aseprite. It shows UV map in the editor, and updates textures on the model in real time, without needing to export files. There's some sprite animation helpers as well.

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J'ai testé pour vous : le réveil sous deux réseaux sociaux différents.

Mastodon : *photo de bouffe, pokémon mignon, bouquins*

Twitter : *tombe direct sur le post de Samuel Etienne qui trouve Musk rigolo, lit les commentaires où les gens se battent, s'énerve un peu*

Imagine being able to follow and interact with Instagram accounts from Twitter, with Pixelfed and Mastodon you can!

Simply search the account url from either Mastodon or Pixelfed and you can follow and interact as if you were both on the same website!

This is the magic of the #fediverse

The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

Le top à mon avis:
- Metatext et Tusker pour une experience proche des clients Twitter alternative genre Twitterific/Tweetbot
- l'app officiel pour pas s'emmerder.

Plus original :
- Toot!, robuste et plein d'anim' fun. Perso j'aime pas trop son paradigme avec sa roue de selection.
-SocialHub, qui permet de créer des timeline custom en groupant plein de compte different, dont Twitter.
Attention, c'est le bordel XD

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