DO NOT STEAL: It's a Pokemon Snap clone with chibi dawson-stars foraging for food in the wilderness. Every so often Dawson's head pivots directly to the camera and says things like "you give my life meaning."

I won't rest until they let me make the video game adaptation of Dawson's Creek.

#Arttips no.02: #Reference

Use reference.

There's 3 types: 1) Inspo - other (concept) #art, styles you like etc. 2) Direct Reference - real world objects similar to what you're designing 3) Indirect Reference - unrelated, but has aspects you want to integrate.

Here's my reference sheet. For 3) I chose an armadillo/pangolin combo for the back shape.

From my thumbnail I do a rough sketch, starting to figure out perspective. Next: grid and using ref

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #design #ConceptArt

I've been working on polishing the effects when the player eats or reproduces an object. I'm especially happy with the improvements to the UI on the right side of the screen.

hey guess the fuck what, teachers at Denver Public Schools ended their 3 day strike for a deal that includes raising pay from 7 to 11 percent, with built-in cost-of-living increases and more opportunities for future salary hikes

best of all: no more bonuses for senior administration :blobeyes:

fuck capitalism, power to the people

For anyone who wants insight into my dev process, I start every day with a todo list. Here's mine from the other day. I hope it helps you.

Hey, do you make video games and want a programmer?
Unity, UE4, Godot?
VFX, tools, systems, or just general gameplay?
Remote or in Sydney?
Hire me.

I was excited to see Into The Spiderverse, but then I watched the trailer and was hugely disappointed to find out it was a spiderman movie.

Unsecured : LGBT
Secured : LGBTS (LGBT over HTTPS)

In the game the robot is controlled by a human player, but the human npcs are actually robots and controlled by code. hmm...

I just put in some cheat codes for showing the whole map and teleporting. They look pretty cool, so I thought I'd show them off.

I've been working on an intro sequence that gives a good view of the space station and slowly zooms in.

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you guuyyyssss!!! my new game comes out in three days!!!


This guy is absolutely terrified, but somehow he's our only hope!

~ C H R O M A B L A S T ~

Coming Monday! #indiegame #gamedev


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