So, the is live! I'll be streaming all day on twitch to kick it off. Thanks again MazinZien and JenniNexus for the trailer voices. .. This is the real thing, and I'm so excited. Boosts appreciated.

We also have a Kickstarter landing page at .. It will redirect to the kickstarter campaign once it goes live.

So we're announcing that we're going to have a Kickstarter campaign starting June 5th. To celebrate, we're releasing our trailer today. .. Special thanks to JenniNexus and MazinZien for providing the awesome voice acting!

This is the LineArc alphabet. It's the language of one of the major cultures on the space station in CreatorCrate. It's derived from an ancient alphabet called Linear B.

Another game-mechanics explainer I made for the new website we're making

Sure, sure... The circular station is flashy. But it's harder to communicate how physical the interactions in the game are. So I made this!

I made a gif of our plucky hero for the new webpage we're making.

I've been working more on the rail system. I used the rails to make a physical door that can respond to electrical signals.

I'm working on electrically controlled fire traps and not gates for a new section in the game.

So I decided to finally release the first game I ever made.

You can pick from two themes and either chase gems (as a foxy) or sweets (as a mouse)

It is similar to Amoozed, as you are in a puzzle and have to find certain things to level up and such.
This one is time based though! For that you see the entire map.

Have fun :purple_sparkling_heart:

Also please consider donating, if you can :purple_sparkling_heart:

#mastoGames #pixelArt

*squee*! We updated "Ace Systems Go!" (which is free) this weekend with some post-jam improvements, including more story content! 💃🏾

#asexuality #gamedev #indiegames #freegame

HELP! Trans day of visibility is over and now I can't find my wife!

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