What is a man? A miserable little pile of sneakers

you can go to parties where there's literally latex-clad human furniture, then log on to mastodon, and you feel like you're Amish

I applied to be a doorman but didn't get the job due to lack of experience. That surprised me, I thought it was an entry level position.

I maintain that the biggest step was from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy 2

once the conceptual leap had been made that something could be both final and penultimate at the same time, moving forward was that much easier

I've been making good use of my new catchphrase* at work today.

* saying "shit, shit, shit" under my breath with an increasing emphasis on the "t" sound with each repeat

Anyone good at game dev? I'm hoping to develop a game that could tenuously be described as being in the genre of "game/strand game (social strand system)" and rushing it to market before Death Stranding comes out, thus robbing Kojima of the ability to claim to have created the genre

10 years since 2009 lets fuckin HIT IT

might fuck around and write a doctoral thesis on how the general concept of politics gets a content-warning but 9/11 doesn't

Could someone comment with a canonical Laser Pose selfie? I've a hunch about something

the haters don't want you to organize your home

He Showed Up In Kinky Boots!
^Headline if Garth Brooks surprised fans in a production of Kinky Boots

I'm the Dark Souls of tooters in that I'm difficult, have an inscrutable history, and you have to watch my movement patterns to find my weaknesses.

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