From all the Rob Lions and me, Rob Hungry and Rob Magician Lion are wishing Rob Nanninga a Happy Birthday (August 6). ❤️

@pla Yeah, can still feel it, cold shivers, body temp that seems to go up and down, bit nauseous... but my body obviously can take quite some beatings. Thanks! 🌸

@Constantia The extreme heat is a ride pooper. Glad you survived. :ride_on:

Upon arriving in , I was very lightheaded and weak, even had a couple of cold shivers while it was 100°F = 38°C, so yes, that is possible, I had to wait about 30 minutes, for my doing long and unusual. And yes, I did drink enough, but the heat was stronger.

Check out my 65 kilometers, ± 100°F, Near-heatstroke, had to wait at least half an hour in Winters until both myself and the weather had cooled down, enervating Friday afternoon / evening ride on

@pla Thank you, friend, I was very happy too. You’re only home when you made it home!

Couple more photos of today’s
nice, then stressed, then mysteriously well ended ride, broken valve (no leak), brought home by Lyft angel Daniel 🚐👨🏾👼🏾🚴🏽‍♀️🛣

Check out my 32 kilometers, Punished for my valve negligence then brought home by angel Daniel ride on Strava

Couple more photos of this Sunday evening’s beautiful ride to , Lake Solano.

Check out my 66.5 kilometers, Another great, Sunday, evening ride, although on the way there a bit oppressively warm, on 🌚 🚵🏽‍♀️ 🦃 🐥 🐥 🐥

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