Check out my 55 kilometers, Put under a spell, Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream? Enchanting Sunday evening ride on

So soft and fluffy again, Rob Nanninga lions. 💙
First two, when outside today, third and fourth, now.

Now he’s showing off, Rob Nanninga Magician Lion after airing out with all the lions today.

Couple more photos of today’s enchanting Full Beaver Moon ride

These owls are freaking amazing, Madame La Owelette was so kind to let me take her portrait several times, but when I turned a sec and looked again, she was gone, as quiet as quiet can be, nothing, no sound, like magic, whoosh, magic trick! 🦉

Couple more photos of today’s chilly, but great and very memorable ride.

Check out my 77 kilometers, (Very) Chilly Friday ride, but the bike ride got better and better and oh how nice the new Russell Boulevard bike path on

Still some more photos of today’s mesmerizing and so smooth Friday ride.

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