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Couple more photos of this Sunday evening’s tough but wonderful ride (Got lucky wind break between several strong wind days) 🌚🌞🚵🏼‍♀️🐑🌊🌾

Check out my 70.3 kilometers, Fairly tiring but great Sunday evening ride in ultra dry California on

Couple more #Cycling pics of this afternoon’s and evening’s stormy Sunday ride. #Winters #California 🌗🌞🦆🚵🏼‍♀️🌵🌬️

His chest feels so good, it’s very much filled, like a treasure box.

Darn. Rob Nanninga Treasure Lion sure is looking ultra handsome today! He brought Darkwood Treasure today too! 😍

Once weekly, it’s a bit of a job everytime, but very gratifying, because, almost like living creatures, these lions become and stay beautiful, soft and clean with sun and wind. Of course the low humidity helps, this could work less in more temperate climates.

Couple more photos of this afternoon’s and evening’s wonderful Friday ride in an extremely dry

Still some more photos of today’s enchanting Super Pink Full Moon #Cycling ride.

Couple more photo’s of this afternoon’s and evening velvety Super Pink Full Moon #Cycling ride. #Sacramento

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