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Check out my 46 kilometers, The heat is on, bit oppresive, low energy, slow but still very nice, Sunday afternoon and evening #Cycling ride to #Woodland (air-quality in Yolo still good thanks to a constant, moderate S-SW Wind) 🌤🌕🌳🪵🚴🏼‍♀️🐌 on #Strava

Couple more photos of this Sunday’s evening wonderful, quiet ride to and from 🌓🛣🚴🏼‍♀️🌾🌹🥚

Check out my 69 kilometers, Wonderful, enchanting South wind ride, very mild, perfect weather Thursday ride on 🌞🌓🚵🏼‍♀️🐦🌼🌸

Couple more photos of this Tuesday’s awesome, South wind ride to . 🌒🌞🌼🚴‍♀️🦁🍁🌊✨

Check out my 67.5 kilometers, Wonderful, velvet South wind, almost like swimming in a pleasant sea, Tuesday ride on 🌒🌞🌼🚴‍♀️🦁🍁🌊✨

Check out my 67.5 kilometers, Birds Special!, Bald Eagles nest right in the middle of Old Sac?, pleasant Wednesday evening #Cycling ride on #Strava

Assumed #BaldEagles, see my clips

Couple more photos of this Friday’s quiet and pleasant #Cycling ride before the next heatwave arrives 🍓🌕🌞🚴‍♀️🐤🐢🦆

#Davis #UCDavis #Arboretum

No worries, I didn’t pick this beautiful orange flower! I just held it, flower stem carefully through the fingers.

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