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Lion Hearts VII and Dutch Leeuwenharten VII have arrived. Unexpected, different and with new Rob Nanninga media files!
Published on his birthday: August 6. This would have been his 64th birthday. Happy Birthday, Rob!

Some nasty insect got to me this weekend during cycling. Most have gotten under my clothes somehow. Was on Yolo Bypass.

First gym of the week, first Kyle of the week 😊, then Wok of Flame (alone, as usual since divorce) - well, Rob Nanninga always accompanying me in mind - their General Tofu to die for.

@Constantia i use the veganaise on the outside of toast for grilled sandwiches- its the trick to get the nice golden on the outside. think i saw it in some foodie movie 😆

Very tasty salad I made this evening with Veganaise 🥗 - have a lot in fridge, the good thing about it, it’s perfect raw but can go in oven as well. Potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, sweet pickles, tomatoes, onion, ready mix-bag of defrosted peas,corn and green beans, oregano, thyme, Veganaise, lemon juice, Maggi, black pepper.

today, unintentional short movieclip while taking a couple of photos. The unintentional ones are always spontaneous (and hence: nicer)
I Street Bridge

Many months ago, I noticed I had become slow on my bike. But now, faster (than in years?)! I didn’t understand why I had become slow, but I think I do know. I have lost weight; my hairdresser mentioned it 2 consecutive hairsessions (months apart), and it’s true. Lighter=faster 🚴🏽‍♀️

scrambled not-eggs! Delicious with fresh tomato and white onion! in happy belly, happy Earth land. On the edge of tray: ripe persimmons, to be scooped out. 🌱

Second gym of the week and after that, made fresh kale stew with vegan gravy. And owwee, it is so good. Haven’t eaten this in years... I am glowing inside. It was quite some work (and when finished, heated/baked in the oven), but have for the next two days too. With white whine!

(Dutch recipe: 🥬🥔 )

Wearing cotton gloves while it’s 80+Fahrenheit outside, to protect my troubled fingertips

Kyle of Staff, Get Fit, Davis, can't make it to the gym today (Friday). You still have my cell number, feel free to text me. Yes, I mean you. ✌️ Regards, Constantia

Quick cleaning of silver trays I bought for almost nothing at the Davis Thrift store. 2 of 4 starting to look good, but now my metal polish is out. Will try to resell (was the purpose of it) - ao Reed & Barton

Check out my 106 kilometers, Happy Returns Thursday Ride on

+ completed the Strava November Gran Fondo (100+ kilometers in one ride). 🚵🏽‍♀️🎃🌔🌹

Have no clue what happened in this photo, I guess just momentum, but first gym of the week.

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