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Lion Hearts VII and Dutch Leeuwenharten VII have arrived. Unexpected, different and with new Rob Nanninga media files!
Published on his birthday: August 6. This would have been his 64th birthday. Happy Birthday, Rob!

I was planning for a normal, "big" ride today, especially while it's a full Hunter's Moon, but I now feel I can't do it. Feel to weak, guess my body's immune system is still struggling to beat the sick rush. So, I think I will make a short ride this early evening, about 12 miles or so, just the Davis Loop, to at least have inspired the Full Moon. 🌕
Maybe I feel something at my heart too, just a general weakness I guess.

Well, I have to stay real, have been going off and on again since a couple of weeks, so let's wait and see what happens, health-wise.

Good news, instead of getting real sick, I think I am the road back to strong again. Feel pretty good again. It must be my cycling and gym history that gives me resilience right now.

Bleh, my body and mind are not getting fit, seems to get worse instead of better. Maybe I will stay in bed tomorrow.

Second gym of the week and I already noticed this earlier, like in yesterday!, but here we are again in NorCal, orange fire lit skies. 🔥 I really thought because of this past Fall, Winter and Spring great rain there was a chance this year we could skip wildfires, but no.

‪Applying for parttime gig, bg check with fingerprinting required. Happened what I already was afraid of, Police couldn’t get my print on 1 finger, becuz of this finger tips problem I have been having for over a year now. They wanted all 10 fingers, amazed me that they still got 9‬

First gym of the week, I am looking very dull, guess the past weeks left some legacy (bit sick and had stress), so giving the photo less exposure.

Also, there’s a lot of dust outside due to wind and low humidity and dryness, and I notice it in my lungs. Bought some wines to bring some relief. No big drinker and for some reason my body really doesn’t want to consume whisky anymore (drank that sometimes), only thing that I can drink is some whine.

‪Thank you. Made a couple of extra ice cube trays ☃️anyway. Wildfires 🔥⚡️‬

‪Curious, if we will have a 🌪 again. Well, the City of should be good to go, hope to stay on power. I have to admit, they are right about fire dangers, I’ve seen it the last years, wind = fire in California. But I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing happens, too:‬

Always nice to have your assessment of something proven by a professional. I didn’t dare to replace the lever of bathroom toilet that tends to get stuck, and then it keeps flushing!, myself, out of fear the corroded thing would break off. Now the official handyman of the house management tried to get the lever off and broke the whole toilet, so now we are getting a new toilet instead of a new lever. 😬

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