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Lion Hearts VII and Dutch Leeuwenharten VII have arrived. Unexpected, different and with new Rob Nanninga media files!
Published on his birthday: August 6. This would have been his 64th birthday. Happy Birthday, Rob!

Oh! Thought to write a *small* text for the upcoming Lion Hearts photo and quotes gallery, but before I knew it, had written over 1500 words, I started with English. Maybe in one hour, or one and a half hours. It's amazing. Considering to call it Lion Hearts Part VII-S + gallery.

Couple more photos of today, great weather, great ride (wild animals more hungry because so little people dropping or sharing their food in these days, so share when you are outside 😉) .


Check out my 67.2 kilometers, Beautiful weather before the rain this weekend (and Shared my sandwiches successively with a Canada goose, a squirrel and then a wild cat 🐦🐿🐈) Friday ride on

Check out my 73 kilometers, Surprising, smooth Wednesday #Cycling Ride on #Strava (Took the Olive School Ln for the first time, overlooked it all those years) 🍈🍈🚵🏽‍♀️

Look at his mane, this distinguished, gentle-man(e) tuft.
Rob Robust lion now. Lions always are super soft after airing outside and,
after that, in fans, to keep them beautiful. 😍

Couple more pics of today, great ride though I had some noticeable head wind on the way to Winters. ✨🚵🏽‍♀️🌼🌬

Clean as a whistle, used the “Sanitize” program. Bicycle panniers. 🚴🏽‍♀️

My is “naked” for a couple of hours. 🚴🏽‍♀️ bags r washed and in t dryer. Meanwhile, I made and ate pancakes and put a stock of them in the fridge. Inner crew of lions airing outside. Look at the Rob Nanninga apron I'm wearing! Will go for a ride later today.

‪Now for something cheerful. Just made this instant . Love everything with letters and words. 🥣‬
‪Prepared it with some freshly fried white onion. Tasted great. ‬
‪✅ 🧅‬

@Constantia The more I look at that photo the more that I wonder how you're not pissing people off by stopping in the traffic lanes instead of on the shoulders.

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