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Ooh, can the Rob Nanninga lions look any more handsome than this? I don’t think so. All Rob lions have been airing out today and look how soft and fluffy again. Can’t resist. Resistance is futile! 😍

Couple more photos of this Sunday afternoon’s and evening’s refreshing ride. 🌕🚵‍♀️🌾🥑🫑🥭🏤

Check out my 60 kilometers, Still surprisingly chilly in the evening, smooth and pleasant Sunday afternoon and evening ride on

Couple more photos of today’s smooth and pleasant Friday ride.

Check out my 85 kilometers, Three deer, Full Snow Moon, very smooth and pleasant Friday ride (and received kind card from the Archibald Family) on

Couple more photos of today’s pleasant Saturday ride, and thank you Mr. Owl for making it special. 🌔🌌🦉🚵‍♀️🌼

Check out my 68.5 kilometers, An owl flew very clearly with its face to me, close over me, beautiful image, quiet, pleasant Saturday ride on 🌔🌌🦉🚵‍♀️🌼

Check out my 69.2 kilometers, Eventless, smooth, quiet (where ís everybody), Riverside Sacramento Wednesday ride on 🌒🌌🛣🚴🏼‍♀️🌊

Today, Rob lions! ♥️ The green scarf on the head of Rob Lion Young landed there by some Rob humour, it was draped over the small back of Whiskers and then I took Whiskers. Only minute later discovered how the green scarf had “repositioned” itself.
Little Green Riding Hood! 😃

Couple more photos of this afternoon’s (very) low energy, still very pleasant, gray Sunday afternoon #Cycling ride.

Check out my 36.1 kilometers, (Very) Low energy, still very pleasant, mild Sunday afternoon #Cycling ride on #Strava

Couple more #Cycling photos of today’s pleasant ride on an amazing day.

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