“Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 is such a fascinatingly unresolved song.

both musically— my jazzy little heart wants that coy 20’s breakaway to ~*~swing out~*~ for one big chorus and it never does

and lyrically— what happens?? did they get back together or not?

I wonder if the former is a deliberate choice to emphasize the uncertainty of the latter. (You can also loop the song pretty seamlessly, echoing the cyclic nature of the described relationship)

pet death 

today i learned the vet hospital has a protocol for when you show up at the reception desk and they ask what you are here for and you visibly fail to form words and start crying

so is googling info adjacent to the clue considered legit for solving a crossword clean?

or do I have to fill everything in with only the clues?

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of Theranos, but I know I always thought they were bullshit, which probably had something to do with the almost-all-of-2012 I spent attempting to get exactly 1 immunoassay to work correctly, on standard equipment, under more or less normal conditions

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been reading“Bad Blood”, the Theranos book

and the relationship bt Holmes and her board seems to have been extra-weird, like all these middle-aged and older men couldn’t decide if she was their imaginary college gf or their granddaughter

stocking her board with over-prestigious and under-subject-matter-qualified folks was brilliant grift, though; pushing the board to rely mostly on their impression of her and outside contacts to rely on the prestige of the board

friend who used to work for LargeTechCo came over to give me a practice interview right after the recruiter call.

we talked for a bit (hadn’t started the “interview”) and I was like “ya know what? I’m gonna take the startup offer. let’s go get ice cream”

so we did.

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May 30
~3pm: email query to LargeTechCo about an open source maintainer position I’d been encouraged in person to apply for, by the eng lead of the team
~4:30pm: receive email from (woman) head of engineering at a startup


June 14
- having already interviewed, receive offer from startup for sr role on an including-me-5-person eng dept

June 15
- first phone call w recruiter from LargeTechCo

hard to tell if today's bleak mood is because
- I should quit smoking again
- I am scared of the job offer I got because I want it
- I am scared of the job offer I got because I don't want it

applying for jobs is terrifying because it feels SO consequential

I don't understand why startups, when they're making a job offer, insist on high pressure to immediately accept an offer with "we want someone who is really committed, who really wants to work with us on this project"

like, i promise I will be more uncomplicatedly committed if you give me enough space to think about it and aren't weird on this phone call


"But sometimes a person with whomst you are in a relationship makes you feel terrible and unmoored with a catalog of actions that are each argue[d]ably reasonable on its own. What do you do with that?"


maybe a better formulation is “how should privacy laws and norms treat effectively-public personal information”?

like, stalkers. that’s a thing that we handle kinda poorly. what will it mean when its even easier? what laws should there be about a chain restaurant dna swabbing it’s seats to profile ppl and target relatives? (there are currently some technical limitations on mixed/environmental samples like that but contiguous sequence reads are only gonna get longer.)

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as a society I think we still have a whole lot of reckoning to do with how difficult-to-impossible it is to keep identifying data private.

your ssn is hacked. your metadata is in russia now. your nudes are online. your dna is on the bus seat.

your dna *is* metadata about your family, whether or not you tie your life to them at all.

what do privacy laws even mean in the context?

lol probably every mastodon herd member has seen this ahead of me but just in case! it’s p fun.

I’m a Slytherin/Ravenclaw!


current status: cat on chest, cat under knees, am a pile of cats.

it is increasingly clear to me that I need a wedding handkerchief for crying into, or for more friends to get married in weather that necessitates a scarf.

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I wanna see a Star Trek episode where they can't scan whereabouts of an away team because of strict local regulations of emissions on frequency bands. "Captain, we'll have to aqcuire an expensive license to broadcast on this frequency" 🖖 ✨


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