@paulfree14 @ChristianD
nope, legal != status quo
eer heard of dead/unenforcable laws?

@ChristianD @Wolf480pl
Can you elaborate on that? I'm not shure if I understood you correct.

@paulfree14 @ChristianD
status quo = what people are in fact doing
legal = what the law says they should be doing
there are laws that are notoriously broken and nobody cares, and the authorities can't be bother to actually enforce them

@ChristianD @Wolf480pl
yes, true. Law is often behind. society often changes first, law adopt. But before law is adopted or authoritys stop to care to enforce them the law is functioning to protect the status quo.

to correct my statement from before then:
law = supporting status quo

@paulfree14 @ChristianD not always. Imagine some country introducing law that bans all encryption. It would be most likely unenforcable, and impractical to complain with. The law would be trying to change status quo, and it would fail.

@Wolf480pl @paulfree14
What you're referring to are called "blue laws". We are specifically not referring to them, don't be silly.

@ChristianD @paulfree14
Why is referring to blue laws silly?
Do laws that prohibit certain uncompetitive practices also count as blue laws?
Do laws that prohibit certain ways of corpos exploiting consumers also count as blue laws?

@ChristianD @paulfree14
>ban some or all Sunday activities for religious reasons
>ban sale of certain items on specific days

I don't see how a ban on encryption that I was talking about earlier would count as a blue law.

Oh, wait, you weren't responding to THAT post... so, lemme go back a few posts and reply there.

@ChristianD @paulfree14 I'm referring to things like
"when you live somewhere for over 3 months, you have to register your residence there with an office" - well nobody cares.
Or "you are not supposed to cross the road in a non-zebra-crossing-place if there's a zebra crossing within 100 meters" ofc people will keep crossing the road 1 meter away from zebra crossing, and nobody cares, except a few OCD people who are annoyed as hell but can't do anything.

@paulfree14 @ChristianD I don't think these are "blue laws" per wikipedia definition.

@Wolf480pl @paulfree14
The colloquial definition of a "blue law" is basically: an incredibly old law that, while still technically valid, is no longer enforced because it is no longer relevant or is just not worth the effort of enforcing.

For example, it's technically illegal to blow your nose in public in a neighboring town to mine, but nobody has ever been arrested for it.


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