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I backed @mwlucas orc tales KickStarter, and now KS thinks I'm interested in supernatural romance, with covers of sexy guys with their shirts off.

Thanks, Michael!

I lament this age of laptops without proper network jacks.

Not fond having my spam filtering in a separate service where spam is not put in my Spam folder, but is held on a website I have to visit daily to approve messages to be let through.

Where bulk operations beyond "delete all" aren't allowed and I have to select a message, click "allow sender" to whitelist them, then "not spam" to train the engine, then "release" to actually send the message to my inbox... for one message at a time.

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't 5+ messages a day.

Who ever thought we'd live in an age where your dentist would send you a monthly newsletter?

As if I want my dentist to be nagging me about what I drink or how I care for my teeth when I'm not in his chair.

Viki's Roku app isn't working and support is recommending people watch on other devices until it is fixed.

And people are freaking out... "watching on my phone is draining my battery and using my minutes."

If you are using a Roku, you are at home and have power and internet. Just plug in your phone and put it on the Wi-Fi?

Also, some of these people are seriously addicted to Korean dramas.

Something I will never understand:
When someone contacts tech support about a bug, and immediately threatens a report to the BBB if they don't fix this bug right away.

It's ironic when the company has historically been very responsive about bugs in this app, including giving subscription credit for some bugs.

('s Roku app, for those keeping track. The show I started yesterday has no episodes today, and someone else already reported it.)

You ever read a newspaper article with an interesting bit, and you start tracking down the history of that interesting bit that happened in 1989, and you can't find original records, but you find intermediate records that disagree with each other, with Wikipedia and the most recent article (which seems to be based on Wikipedia)...

and you begin to doubt all news reporting everywhere for all time?

How is it the History Channel has so many shows about aliens and none about ancient Egypt?

And focusing on reuse now days means choosing products that come in packaging that lends itself to reuse. I really wish they still made those jelly glass tumblers. I found one producer that does, but those products aren't in stores around here, and shipping on 4 jars of preserves is 50% of the cost of the preserves themselves, and it seems like the carbon cost of shipping would outweigh my attempts at practical reuse.

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I've been thinking about the "recycling crisis" and how disillusioned I've become about the recycling lies we've been fed. I thought glass was one of the most recyclable products, and it is very easy to recycle... but it's also very expensive to transport due to weight, so a lot of areas don't actually recycle it.

So I'm thinking about all those margarine tubs my mom washed and reused, and the threadless jelly jars that were reusable a drinking glasses. I want to focus more on reuse again.

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It's ironic that manufacturers looking to reduce the amount of material in food packaging over the years, so that less material ends up in the landfill, makes such packaging less reusable by consumers. Plastics are thin and difficult to wash (distort in the dishwasher, collapse when hand-washing). Shapes aren't designed to be easy to wash, but for their visual appeal and streamlining manufacturing.

I don't think I've ever eaten a Choco Taco. Why do I lament their loss?

My favorite part of writing schedules in UTC is that _nobody_ can tell what time things start without doing mental gymnastics.

It's like Harrison Bergeron... everyone is made equal by giving them all a handicap.

It sure is liberating to just block people rather than argue with them. I said the witty come-back in my head, that's good enough.

If I could change one thing about Discord, it would be to add image collapse like Slack has.

If I could change _two_ things about Discord, it would be to add the idea of _joining channels_ like Slack has, instead of being auto-subscribed to every channel and having to choose which ones to mute.

Slack: Find content you like and subscribe.

Discord: Figure out which content you don't want and mute it.

I'm part of communities where I've muted most of the 20 or 30 channels.

food mention, humorous 

Somehow, an entire box of Ding Dong's entered this house and were eaten before I ever learned of them.

How this happened is a total mystery to me.

meat; dairy; grossly blunt words 

I recently read a bunch of stuff about people who refuse to drink milk. "Eww, that stuff is meant for baby animals, and you drink it!? Gross."

Dude, we cut up cows and eat their flesh, and you're grossed out over drinking their milk?

Get mad about how the dairy industry treats cows, sure. But the idea that "we aren't supposed to drink that" seems like a strange place to balk.

It's always great when you decide to change providers for a critical service, because the new provider has more features, and then after you switch you find out that they have extremely frequent outages for "routine maintenance".

How can you just take down a phone system for routine maintenance every two weeks?

A complete set: 4.5" Gold, 4" Rust (bronze), 4" Caramel (brown), 3.5" Peacock (blue), 3.5" Kelly Green, 3" White.

The larger five are from 3mm minky; the smallest is from uncannily smooooove 1mm mochi.

#dragon #seambiz

That awkward feeling when the whole team of SMEs can't fix the critical problem either and you feel vindicated, but also disappointed because it involved customer data loss.

I could have accepted my skills being inadequate if it meant the customer was happy.

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