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Welp, looks like I'm upgrading my backup server from BackupPC 3 to 4 this weekend. 4.x has been out of beta for 5 years, it ought to be reliable by now.

Upgraded one of our Debian boxes to 11 and hit a bug in the BPC rsync Perl module on Deb10 only triggered by the newer rsync on the Deb11 client. Really surprised nobody has resolved this when the bug was discovered two years ago, before Deb11 was released.

So the solution is to upgrade my backup server to Deb11 and BPC 4.

We use a programmatic assessment of Linux skills in our hiring process. I'm not thrilled with such assessments, but they do give a good foundation to talk over in the tech interview.

There's this one question that _everyone_ gets wrong, but only on a technicality. They figure out how to find the answer, but they always copy-paste the full contents of the proc 'file' which contains all the possible settings with marks around the currently selected one. The grader want's just the selected value.

Went out in the back yard this morning and heard one of our neighbours yelling out "Noo oh noo damn it nooo!" at the top of his lungs and my first thought was that maybe he'd just lost everything in the Terra Luna crypto crash down 98% overnight. Hang in there bro whatever it is!

"I worked a 10 hour day yesterday, I should bug out early today."

Instead works 10 hour day today.

Manager life, yo.

Well, that was something. I didn't stop the time, but i guess it took me around 5 minutes each. It showed me i am very slow with color picking and colors in general. (which i definitely avoid if i can 😅) I also struggled with shapes, which explains the panicky plants in both pictures 😆 Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

#CuratorPrompts33 #5MinuteSketch

The chainsaws are running for the 5th day. Haven't they run out of trees yet?

I'm beginning to think radio of the 70's and 80's, being a faceless format, did a disservice to people of color, because even now I'm discovering songs I like were written and sung by PoC and I had no idea.

And I think this is why promoting awareness in our media today... highlighting that these writers, illustrators, producers, etc... are not-white is a good thing. We see performers, but we don't see all the people behind the scenes and it's easy to assume they're all white.

My life is an ongoing battle for possession of my office chair.

hide yo mailbox hide yo cars cause they out here cutting down trees AGAIN

drake hotline bling ✋ : Saw jury summons in USPS informed delivery email

drake hotline bling 👌 : Jury summons never arrived in my mailbox



via @HTHR

Tree guys have escalated: was headed home and there were a couple guys on my side of the street looking up, and I was like "oh are you over there putting in the mailbox?" and a couple of the guys at the far end of the street yelled at the guys down here and one of them jumped in front of my car waving his arms and a whole-ass TREE came down a car-length ahead of me a second later, right across the road.

Electric car snuck up on him and dumbass was too busy watching the tree to watch traffic. 😒

I'd like to know how my cat so accurately steps on my headphone cord and then lays down on it when he steps onto my lap. I end up scrambling to untangle him from it during work meetings. :|

Third day of chainsaws across the street, and now they're running a chipper.

And I have to conduct a job interview. :|

I want to say working from home is terrible, but I had the same problem with street construction and jackhammers when I worked in the office.

Carry yourself with the confidence of a tree guy who knocks on your door to tell you they dropped the neighbor's tree on your mailbox from across the street, and also would you like some of your trees taken down?

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