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I think one of the greatest things the internet has done for us is shown us that we're not alone in our weirdness and dysfunction. That neurotypical people _don't_ struggle with the things we do, but there are lots of people much like us who do.

I just realized that TikTok has completely undone years of work convincing people that vertical video is a bad thing.

That feeling when you stopped using Pocket years ago because your Twitter client that integrated with it quit working, but discover you've been paying for Pocket Premium for years because _Pocket hasn't been sending an annual invoice when they bill you_, and it's only because your credit card is invalid (was stolen) that they bother to contact you.

How can I catch a stupid cold when I almost never leave the house?

I was never a big Star Trek fan, but I'm of an age that hearing Kirk or Picard say, "Space, the final frontier," still gives me chills.

This are the dumb thoughts I have while watching TV.

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The Enterprise has a ship"s doctor, but what about a ship"s dentist?

Woo! Progress making the garage usable as a pottery studio space today.

We had only planned to stay here a year or two, we're in our 5th year. Realized I might as well shove the table saw in the corner and stack the router table on top of it since I wasn't using them. That unlocks the sliding puzzle and gives me actual room to work.

Next step is to start organizing and finding a proper place for things, then get the kiln outlets wired in.


"youch" is not a misspelling of "ouch". It's exactly what I meant.

Dear Patreon-supported podcaster, how much do I have to pledge to have you NOT spend five minutes reading off your supporters list every episode?

The shelter in Wichita used to use the ASPCA 9 "feline-alities" and one of them is Personal Assistant which includes descriptors like "high-maintenance" and "co-dependent" and anyway I think about that often for some reason.

Got flu vax and covid booster at the same time. Now both shoulders are sore. :|

I just saw they cast Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Uncle Iroh in Netflix' live-action Avatar, and looking at the main cast... they're all of Asian or Indigenous descent. Avatar took a lot of influence from Asian and Indigenous cultures, it's only right that the cast reflect that.

I'm getting excited for this.

Nebula orca sample!

The printed minky is (by necessity) less fluffy than the Shannon Cuddle 3 I use for most things, but that's fine for orcas which are not known for their fluffiness.

Pretty sure there's some kid out there thinking that folks who use websites are old, and I'm here to tell you that you're not even allowed to say "I am ancient on the internet" unless you have used telnet before the invention of SSH.

was walking to my car after work in complete darkness and said aloud, to no one, “Sure is cold tonight.” Elder Scrolls NPC ass behavior.

I'm glad I was just the right age when Star Wars came around... almost 10, then 13 and 16 for Empire and Jedi. I collected so many toys, books, trading cards, comic books. Most of it's gone, but I still have a few items.

Star Wars was such a big part of my childhood, and it's so strange that it's _still_ happening.

Who knew when I saw that first film in the drive-in that Star Wars would become a phenomenon that could last the rest of my life?

for @platypus
"I'm sorry for your loss"
are never adequate words
but know I understand your pain

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