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COVID-19, "patriotism," defiance 

People who are telling you that you need $HYYPETECH in order to have a modern website are really annoying.

No, I do not need to rewrite my website as serverless JavaScript SPA.

No, I do not need to use $wellknowncdnthatcontrolstoomuchoftheinternet in order deliver my website better.

No, I do not need JavaScript on my website, everything is working fine.

Oh and I also do not need to setup my own kubernetes to host my measly blog.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

I finished my on-call shift 11 AM on Sunday, and I'm still tired. 😫

A couple guys at work say to "treat servers like cattle, not pets". And as someone who grew up in cattle country, I'm not sure they understand just how much tender loving care cattle receive. Pets are just comfort animals, cattle are an expensive investment and you don't neglect them.

Is it just me or has "elide" really seen a surge in use lately?

No, , I _don't_ want you to route DNS lookups through your own infrastructure... my personal, private, secure DNS resolver can handle them just fine.
It really scares me that DNS resolution is trying to become very centralized to a few points in the name of "security", and browser developers want to bypass normal DNS servers by doing DNS over HTTP (bypassing firewalls, etc).

when i get into some youtube channel, about 20% of the time, the channel starts to get more and more successful, and the person running the channel makes friends with a bunch of other successful youtubers, and because the more annoying you are the more successful you are, they start acting like all their new youtuber friends, and 2 years after i originally subscribed they've now become so annoying that i can't watch them anymore and i unsubscribe

So one of the funny things about all-remote meetings is we're missing the physical queues that the meeting is over... the picking up notebooks, body language that says I'm ready to stand up, etc. So our team meetings can be like that awkward phone call where you don't know how to end it, except there are 12 people on the call all waiting for everyone else to hang up.

Bah, mid-cycle performance reviews... I hate performance reviews, but the part I hate the most is the self-review. Now we get to do them three times a year, but as expected, everyone still forgets about improvement actions in between.

I used to have a couple aquariums, one 40-gal brackish, under-cabinet canister filters, etc, etc. A fair amount of work, but what really started to get to me was the captured animal trade, which kills a lot of fish in the process of capturing and bringing them to market.
I decided if I ever keep an aquarium again, I'm going to stick to captive-bred, etc.
But this is a tricky hobby to start during isolation. :)

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So, I ran across a random video on YouTube about planted aquariums using the Walstad method. And now I want a small planted aquarium with shrimp. :|

We're-all-working-remote tip: If you have a complicated question to ask someone, don't go to Slack and say, "I have a question" and then spend 10 minutes typing up your question while the other person waits. Type up your question ahead of time and have it ready to go, so you don't leave them hanging.
(This PSA brought to you by the free time created by waiting for this question.)

TFW you've been working on a major platform version upgrade to a code base for weeks, and someone else on the team decides this is the time to refactor the code for other reasons and commits it to production before you get to see it, and now you have to merge his refactor with your refactor.

Annoying how often I recommend anime with the caveat, "It's a great story, just ignore the random fan service."

Apropos of a :birdsite:​ thread today, a pro #writing tip:

If a publisher puts your piece out, then claims they don't have a signed contract and so won't pay you? (Which seems to be the new scam in small presses going bad?)

One: their inability to find their copy of their paperwork is not your problem.

Two: If they don't have a contract, they don't have a license to your work. You can own them. They'll find that signed contract PDQ.

Go read "The Copyright Handbook."

Wonders why support teams have full-time training staff, but higher-level teams do not. 🤔

It kind of blows my mind when early-access games have named releases and even release trailers. The game's not finished, yet they promote it like it is. They can win awards as an "unreleased" game. Early-access isn't exactly alpha/beta testing anymore, but the game's development can still be very fluid. It's so strange.

So, when I was younger, my father tried to impart worldly wisdom upon me by singing the refrain to "The Gambler". ("Know when to hold 'em...").

And now in my 50's, I find myself wondering, just what _does_ it mean in life to
"Never count your money when you're sitting at the table. There'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done." Looking back on my dad's life, I think maybe if he'd counted the cost while still in the game, things would have turned out better.

My regular pizza place sends me an email every Thursday... "Great offer! $2 off a large pizza delivered! (expires today)."

A measly two bucks off if I order today? Not even "good on non-weekend days". I have only once taken them up on this offer, and it was coincidence that I happened to want pizza on Thursday, and their shopping cart automatically applied it, otherwise I'd have forgotten about it.

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