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Answering a Patreon survey, and it's clear that they see themselves as a _content provider_ and not just a way to pay creators for content consumed elsewhere. Which is odd, because that's nearly the only way I use Patreon... I read public comics in an RSS feed or view videos on YouTube and compensate the creator via Patreon. Rarely do I use Patreon for content only on Patreon.

Not feeling so hot, so I took the afternoon off and distracted myself by burning in the pizza oven.

uk monarchy snark 

If I've learned anything from British TV it's that the Queen will regenerate and will likely be played by John Pertwee's son.

you might be short on sleep when:
you try to plug your headphones into the end of a USB cord instead of the extension cord.

Man, the Commodore PET keyboard looks like something a orthographic compact keyboard enthusiast would dream up today.

I get buying hand-crafted things. I'm a potter, I buy a lot of hand-thrown pottery. But I don't buy pottery from a lifestyle brand who ordered a design from a potter and put their name on it. I buy direct from the potter, which to me is a huge difference.

I can live a particular lifestyle without it being spoon-fed at a premium price by one company.

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"Lifestyle" brands kind of drive me crazy. It's not enough to buy a thing that does a job... it has to be a thing designed by some semi-famous craftsman, to be limited edition, and cost 10x what a normal one of these down at the supply shop costs.

But obviously it works, because people buy this stuff.

(ref: My pizza oven brand has a limited edition, hand-forged hand-axe for $300. Sold out. You can literally buy a serviceable hand-axe for under $25.)

"The pizza oven is to be used by responsible adults only."

Well crap.

Years and years ago, my wife said that the most valuable thing on the Internet would become curation. Sifting the wheat from the chaff, making it easier to find the things that were best-in-class.

She wasn't wrong.

Starting to think I need a review site that recommends review sites. So often, the "best X in 2022" sites are purely generated content... they simply list the 12 top-selling items from Amazon (with affilliate links, of course) with what reads like ad copy. No pros and cons, no comparisons, it just sounds like every one of the 12 items is an ideal choice. It does little to help me choose a product except tell me these 12 items exist.

The Internet was supposed to make things easier.

After a week of being away from home, it was really nice to sleep in my own bed. And have hot water. (First hotel didn't have hot water. Really sucky way to start out a second day of 10+ hour driving.)

Did sleep better than usual though. Tried out some inflatable ergonomic pillows and a body pillow. Could have fit the real ones in the car, but wanted to test these out for when we fly, and they worked pretty well.

Went for snacks, came back with a portable wood (pellet) fired pizza oven. Like you do.

Is it really "scuttlebutt" if it originated with an official spokesperson on his personal social media account, then confirmed in an interview with a social media personality?

dear webcomic artists:

I love your work. I support you through Patreon. I read your comic through an RSS feed. I don't mind clicking through to your website if you feel it's necessary.

I do not click through to "exclusive comic on Tinyview." I don't read comics on closed platforms. Please stop using closed platforms that control how I see your comic and harvest my data.

D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

And after an hour of coding after work, I'm really remembering some of the limitations of BASIC... no block structure... decision that requires multiple statements means a goto. Functions are literal functions... they have to be defined as a single statement.

It's really kind of amazing what limitations we worked with in the 80's.

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Thinking about how to write Hunt the Wumpus in BASIC and realizing I remember _very little_ about how to write BASIC.

Does the bagel setting on my toaster actually _do_ anything?

Reminded when I moved into this place. I called Xfinity to make sure my internet would be on when I arrived, because my work depends on it. They said, sure, just log from there to transfer.

I get here and no internet. Oh, yeah, we disconnected that 3 years ago because the house was unoccupied and we didn't want anyone stealing our service.

3 days and $80 for someone to come out and undo what they had done for their own needs.

And why didn't they check this when I called the first time?

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