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Doing that thing today where I think, "As soon as I catch up on work Slack, I'll start on that important task." And now I'm 15 minutes from my last meeting of the day and then the end of my day, and I'm still catching up on Slack.

It's like Slack has _become_ the job. Many of the things I'm dealing with there are important and require response, some are information I need to know, but the flow is just all. day. long.

Ms. Marvel comes close to the best Marvel series Disney+ has produced. (I liked WandaVision better, but for very different reasons.)

Ms. Marvel stays rooted in family and relationship issues, coming-of-age issues, while touching on racial and religious discrimination, both historical and present-day.

All the while, it tells an engaging origin story, with engaging characters. Iman Vellani, the teenage lead, was _amazing_. She conveys so much with her facial expressions.

8 hour work crisis starting at 1am. I am eating breakfast and going to bed now.

(This is very atypical for my job, and I am very glad for that. But I'd be more glad if it never happened. Going over 24 hours with 1 hour of sleep suuucks.)

I'm reading that it's very much a thing in NJ schools. Interesting.

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@craigmaloney re: SJ Games and shelf strain.

I own nearly every non-Traveller GURPS world sourcebook and the collection takes up a lot of space. I haven't referenced any of it in years. There's a strong temptation to liquidate the whole collection and buy select PDFs if I ever need them again. I almost never played GURPS, but they were handy for FUDGE.

I keep dreaming I'll get back into roleplaying and something that isn't D&D or Pathfinder.

dumb question: was/is Saturday school detention really a thing, or something Hollywood made up?

I've stayed late, even had 3 days in-house detention (sit in a room with other delinquents and study on your own instead of attending class... I'd have opted for that every day!) but never a Saturday.

(Dumb: my big detention was for something I did outside of school, not involving school or classmates. Yet school punished me for it because a classmate told the counselor.)

I need someone to draw me at t-shirt...

A cartoony line-up of squishy Paladins (a role-based shooter) champs on one side, and a giant Kahn standing in front of his squishy teammates, absorbing attacks with his shield on the other.
Caption: Tanks are not optional.

Is there more blatant "our marketing trumps usability" than a streaming service putting your "continue watching" list four of five lists down, making you scroll through other things you might watch, and randomly changing its position every time you visit?

I can't wash dishes right now, I'm filing a bug report.

That worry that if you factory-reset your unsupported Android phone, none of the updates for it will be available and it'll be stuck on Android 8.1.

So... are marriage enrichment seminars something that happen outside of the Christian church?

There are times I wish coffee tasted good to me. I get jealous of other people enjoying a beverage I can only tolerate with lots of sugar and cream, because it's so bitter.

I want to see a UI designer submitting 'old' desktop UI designs as new ideas with different names and making a whole thing about it being innovative and brave.

"In this concept I would like to introduce an idea I like to call a 'Menu Dock'. Unlike the old Hamburger menu, all the top menu items are instantly visible and make use of the large desktop monitor space..."

systems engineering gripe 

One thing that drives me nuts... we're going to use Debian Linux stable release. But we're going to decide we need key applications to be newer than what Debian provides. So we install those from another source. But they rely on a different version of Python, so we install another version of Python alongside Debian's version.

Now the "advantages" the newer software brought us is burdened by maintaining a non-system-provided Python, multiple upstream repos, etc.

Based on the current trend, I predict that Android phones in 2050 will be 3 inches wide by 6 feet tall.

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

In Outlook, if you accidentally decline a meeting series instead of an individual instance, it's removed from your calendar forever. You have to go find the calendar invite in your _email_ trash and re-accept it from there. Too bad if you only realized you declined the series after your trash was emptied.

I have not had to use Outlook/Exchange in over 17 years. This is a painful and undesired adjustment.

Slack has become the new Emacs. There are people who want to be able to do their entire tech job through Slack bots.

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