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Is there any food they won't put Cheetos dust in?

Chevy Chase's greatest role was in the music video for Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al".

I also have yet to sell a round tablecloth, though people do buy this one in fabric yardage.


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Monday holiday, Tuesday jury duty. I've only worked 2 days this week, yet my brain is so convinced today is Friday that I have at least three times said something to someone based on that assumption.

I'm afraid I need a wake-up call to remind me to go to work in the morning.

Me: *tells Carl of the existence of Browser The Electronics-Sniffing Dog*

Carl: Ah, they're often used to find hidden USB drives.
Like, you can train a dog to detect those? I'm afraid a dog in our house would just be confused.
"The electronics are everywhere!"
"Here's that RasPi you were looking for, though."


_Exercises for Programmers_ is one of my favorite books for learning a new programming language.

It is a series of language-agnostic exercises that does a great job of filling in the gaps for all those "learn language X" books that don't have their own exercises. It starts simple, with understanding how your language handles strings and numbers, and proceeds all the way to GUI and network exercises.

I recommend it to everyone who asks me about learning a new language.

I think one of the interesting things of BBS's around the 80's is that there was not one "BBS culture". There were pockets of many different cultures. They had a lot of similarities, but the more I talk to people who remember BBS's, the more I realize how much our experiences can differ, especially when AOL and then the Internet started affecting things.

Those cultures definitely cross-pollinated, via FidoNET, plus influences of CompuServ, GENie and eventually AOL. But they were all unique.

I figured out how to own and actually care for a plant.

I have one (1) plant. I want to keep it on the windowsill of my bedroom/office area, but the blind gets in the way at night. So every morning, I open the blind and put the plant on the window sill. Every night when I close the blind, I put the plant on a nearby shelf.

This causes me to interact with the plant every day and not just forget about it. I can tell when it needs watered by its weight. (A succulent watered when it's dry.)

The Raspberry Pi Zero series never ceases to amaze. It's nothing short of incredible how easy it is now to just lose an entire computer somewhere on your desk.

The fastest way to find a lost item is to buy a replacement.

Calling this done, because I do not want to spend more hours rendering dragons and clouds.

One place where Slack is clearly superior to Discord:

When I enter a new Discord, I spend 15 minutes figuring out which of the many channels to mute, because I'm only interested in the core topic, and not the "memes," "other games," "off topic," "videos and streams," "photos," "art," "anime," "bots", etc.

Slack has the concept of "subscribing" and you only see subscribed channels. Discord, you see all the channels and best you can do is mute the ones you're not interested in.

A lot of the Pernese roleplay folks have decided that while the canon never mentions the dragons having markings, per se, it does talk about the dragons' hide having a certain amount of shading. Which has resulted in what I refer to as Siamese dragons. So the last batch of fabric included several test colors of those.

Kinda flew too close to the sun with the blue; I was shooting for purplish blue and ended up with bluish definitely-purple.

Why does thinking-face 🤔 look skeptical in basically every emoji pack? I just want to indicate that I'm thinking about something, not that I am skeptical.

I can talk about Goodhart's Law for hours.

(When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.)

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Having now eaten there (outdoors), I am still trying to understand the name "Honeygrow". Like, what's that have to do with Asian-ish-themed noodles and salads? I assumed it was a vegan place. Even after having been told it wasn't, it's what I kept expecting.

I feel like this is a marketing fail. The name did not make me want to go there. The name gave me unfulfilled expectations. 🤷

How many times a year do you look up the difference between i.e. and e.g. to make sure you're using one of the correctly?

I'm thinking I'm at 3. You'd think I'd remember by now, or at least have given up on using them.

shooter battle pass musings 

And then there's a Pass where you really don't want _any_ of the rewards and it's like, "Nice, 45 days that I don't have to worry about that and can just play the game."

What is the point of this whole Battle Pass thing anyway? It's driving engagement by offering rewards for doing something people often don't enjoy doing. Why? Do they really accomplish what the company is after? Or do they just keep doing it because they don't know what else to do?

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shooter battle pass musings 

Battle Passes can be weird.
So you have this set of tasks to complete, some of them ask you to play in a non-standard way, or require a lot of luck, and you may only really want two or three rewards in the whole Pass.

So you grind through the pass for a month or more, playing characters you don't like playing, trying to get elims with abilities in ways they weren't meant to.

Then you go back to playing "normally" and realize it's a real relief to "just play".

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