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Do you really want to opt out of:

Entire Sales Database Opt-in Blasts

Why, yes... yes I do. :|

I follow a link to a specific page. I click "log in". I end up on the home page, not the page I wanted to interact with.

It's such a simple idea, I don't understand why so many major websites fail at this. Especially when that page is trying to get me to spend money. "Oh, yes, let us navigate you away from that creator's page." Worse is if you hit the back button and you are no longer logged in. You have 11 credits. You have only used 1 credit in months!

Also Here's a 2-for-1 credit sale on a series you haven't completed!

I can't keep up after abandoning my commute. :(

Of you're on Debian 8, installing 11 from scratch might actually be easier than the three upgrades needed to get there. Just saying.

I expect this is just going to become more and more of a thing, as "home manufacturing" becomes even more affordable, reliable and capable.

I don't buy slip-cast pottery, because I want to see the marks of hand-making in the goods... I want that emotional connection. And that's probably the thing that is bothering me the most here... the _maker_ has no emotional connection because they are not creating art, they are manufacturing goods.


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But on the other hand, I also recognize that I don't have a laser-cutter, etc and if someone isn't doing the manufacturing for me, I couldn't have access to that thing.

But it does feel like this middle-ground has cheapened craft shows, ren faires, etc. because it feels like there is less connection with creative people, because the person putting in the creative work often isn't the person manufacturing and selling the goods.


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I am conflicted over what home manufacturing technology has done to art and craft shows. You reach a point where the laser-cut, machined, etc goods are essentially factory-made, because the individual has set up a small factory in their garage, and is churning out machine-made goods and calling them hand-made. Even more of a problem when you recognize designs as something purchased... the "creator" is not using their own creativity.


When getting through my Masto feed feels like work, I've probably over-followed. Tempted to do what my wife does and just filter out boosts.

First Renaissance Festival since the before-times... the smaller NJ RenFest, didn't take long, but it was a nice little outing to get used to being out in the sun and heat, and whet my appetite for other faires this summer, like the PA Ren Faire starting in August.


Why would they do this, what do you think I'm buying Sour Patch Kids for

Listening to terrestrial radio (the best of the 70's, 80's and 90's!) in my house for the first time in a million years and the inability to pause is weird.

Denim brands selling jeans that are merely loose, slouchy or a bit wide legged: Extreme baggy cut! Ultra Y2K style! Max 90s Wide Leg!

Me, who came up in the JNCO era: Do not cite the deep magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.

video games, deceptive sales 

I did not buy all of the DLC, but I still spent $30. I think I'm going to refund the Steam purchase, as I have not played it yet.

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video games, deceptive sales 

I get that price drops and sales are just a part of video games. That $60 AAA goes on sale for $40. Later the permanent price drops to $30. That's just how it is... pay a premium when it's new, or wait for a sale or price drop.

What I strongly disagree with is a 50% off sale on Steam on over $200 worth of base+DLC, _knowing_ you're going to do a Humble Bundle _NEXT WEEK_ and offer that same game and DLC for $20. Capturing that Steam wishlist $$ before the Bundle.

That moment when you open webex for a work meeting and see that your second shirt button is undone and you are looking a little too sexy for work. 🕺

I'm always baffled when someone with 12 years of experience and a master's degree in Computer Science applies for an early-career break-fix operations role.

It makes me question if our job description is inadequate.

Me: buys another 30-pack of wooden clothes hangers from Amazon to purge the last of the gross plastic hangers from our closet.

Amazon: Here's a deal we think you might like! It's a bundle of plastic hangers!

The AI isn't perfect, because it didn't remember I have bought only wooden hangers in the past, and search for only wooden hangers.

if you are supporting someone or a project via Patreon or Bandcamp subscriptions or any other non-anonymous patronage/crowdfunding/donation platform, what do you want in return, if anything?

Feel free to comment in replies if nothing applies but you have thoughts.

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