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I find it amusing that battle-oriented anime likes to use English for form, power and attack names.
I'm assuming most Japanese viewers know enough English to understand them. If American shows did this, viewers would be baffled.

(And the family texts/slacks are lit up tonight; one family member saw a tornado form, another's boss took a picture of it from his porch. It looks bad. Carl said, "Why did we ever live in Kansas?")

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I completely derailed a scrum meeting today by adding mood music on my synth whenever anyone gave a status update.

"I wrapped up blah."

me: fanfare

"I’m running into some unanticipated complexity."

me: ominous music swells

I have always been bothered by Locutus of Borg.

How many situations has Picard been in that _should_ have had him removed from command because he was compromised and could not be trusted?

Also, thanks to the episodic nature of the 80's, they resolved that whole situation way too quickly.

When I got dressed this morning, I thought, "It's going to be too warm in my upstairs home office for a sweatshirt, too cool for short sleeves, but all my long-sleeve T's and casual button-ups are in the laundry. So I'll try a sweatshirt."

By lunch, I was wearing my indoor cap, my office jacket, turning on the space heater and the heating pad on my chair.

I guess it WAS cold enough for a sweatshirt.

Slack gripe (I like Slack, but still) 

It's amazing how hard it is to investigate something that happened across multiple Slack channels to build a timeline of events.

I can't keep my place, have more than two channels open, and keep track of new messages. So I've opened Slack in my browser. If I try to follow Slack links to other threads in my browser it wants to redirect to my desktop client.

This is why we create incident channels to consolidate comms. Just didn't happen this time.

There's a special place in hell for whoever designs bank websites that don't let you copy from or paste into password fields

But, you know, Kukuburi went on hiatus for 8 years and then suddenly came back. So I never drop these comics from my RSS reader... I just keep polling the silent feed for year, after year, after year.

(Sadly, Kukuburi went silent again in Feb 2020.)

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I know I'm not owed anything, but it's frustrating when:

I discover a new comic.
I follow this comic for 7 years.
Writer gets dream job, artist gets dream job, comic takes "a little break".
Comic officially goes on hiatus, but we're promised it will continue.
2 years pass, no communication from creators, I terminate my Patreon support.
2 more years pass, still no communication from creators.
RSS feed gets weird and I get 4-year-old posts, reminding me it's dead.

This happens so often.

really missed an opportunity when we decided to call them "en eff tees" instead of "gif certificates"

There are dozens of fish or fish-like emoji (e.g., 🐟 🐠🎣🐡🦈🐬🐳🐋🐟.𓆝𓆟)

In fact, there are so many that, if I sent you a random one, a third party wouldn't have a good chance of guessing which one I'd sent.
This means we could adopt a new form of 2FA based on sending fish emoji

“In addition to your password, please log in with your one-time cod”

The important take-away here is: I still do not know how to order this beverage at my local ice cream shop. I have stumbled through this exchange 3 times without figuring out what they want me to say.

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Regional variations on food names still catches me off-guard. When I order a hot fudge malt in Kansas, they know what I'm talking about. Around here (NJ), it's a black & white, and nobody seems to know what a "malt" is. I order a "black & white malt" and they ask if I want a shake, I say "yeah, can I get it malted?" and they're like "sure". But you didn't understand what I wanted when I said I wanted a malt?
I know "malt" is short for "malted milkshake" but I thought it was a universal term.

Frustrated with the state of ordering home delivery. Grubhub is convenient, but they end up running $10 or more higher than the restaurant's preferred order processor. (GH wants a very high "processing fee" on top of the delivery fee, and the restaurant marks up their prices.)

But to use the restaurants' preferred processors means I set up accounts with a different processor I've never heard of for each, all of them work differently, and some of them look pretty rinky-dink.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Want to buy: Mastodon that doesn't keep showing me boosts of toots I've already seen.

Early career tech job FULL REMOTE - come work for me at Linode/Akamai 

My team, the Linode Operations Center, supporting Linode/Akamai cloud computing, is looking for _multiple_ Platform Operations Engineers (junior and above).

Full remote, desire to work EST night shift a plus. Can hire in many countries.

This is a good breakout role for someone working tech support trying to get next-level experience. You will work on every layer of the infrastructure.

Manager first: had an employee's last day yesterday. (Not counting the guy who transferred to another team.) I feel like I should have been there to see him off, but his shift ended at 4am.

I'm a little baffled at how my company expects (has stated in a memo) people to work a full day on their last day. My last job, my last "day" was exit interview, some paperwork, and lunch with the team... I left from the lunch place.

Under-rated feature on Masto:

The "Delete & re-draft" button

It does exactly what's on the label

It deletes your post, but puts it back in the editor so you can fix that *one* thing easily

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