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Y'all remember Cassingles ™️ , right? I think the trademark name alone could have sunk that idea. 😆

I stopped buying singles in the early 80's, in part because I wanted to buy cassettes to listen to in my car, during close at work, etc. And cassingles just didn't cut it. They were priced too high compared to vinyl singles, and often contained multiple versions of the song... I didn't want to hear the same song 3 times in a row in my car, I didn't want to change tapes that often, and I wasn't part of the mix-tape culture.

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Reading about the Billboard music charts in the 80's last night and came across something I hadn't considered... not only were actual sales not measurable fast enough for weekly charts (they polled select music stores), the Hot 100, etc, were based on singles sales, and singles were in decline in the 80's... sales of singles reflected the popularity of the medium as well as of the music. The Hot 100 didn't reflect album sales driven by individual songs.

Anyone who expects people to type in a password in 2022 needs to step away from the computer, leave the building, and disappear from any meetings related to password security.

So it was our 30th anniversary and my husband commissioned some artwork for me. LOOK AT THIS DRAGON.

(art by @ziphi)

im very concerned about machine learning, and i think it raises some important ethical questions that require some real soul searching from the tech community, like if its really morally defensible to encourage the use of python

When I "like" your toot, it doesn't always mean I "like" what you said ... Sometimes it means "I see you, I acknowledge what you're going through, you have my support."

I did not like that your house caught on fire or whatever.

Server load,
Take me home.
To the files
Where I belong.
JSON data,
Server load,
Take me home.

Listening to "80's hit radio" algorithm-generated playlist on YT Music, and it's funny how fast it went from Wham! to AC/DC and Alice Cooper in just 5 songs.

I always upload a photo with plans to alt-text, then I forget by the time my toot is done.

I like this little amplifier, but I wish they'd made the media control buttons easier to see. They're more obvious in the photo than reality. I have to find them by feel and remember what they do.

(I never planned to use the Bluetooth hookup, but I find that's easier than having my good headphones attached to my phone all the time. And easier to pause with the media buttons than unblanking my phone screen. And bouncing between computers makes them awkward for music.)

Waiting rooms should have TV or music, not both.

(I'd rather they had neither, as I bring my own entertainment.)

Sure-fire way to get people to follow you on the fedi... post pictures of cats. Or other cute animals. We're not picky.

I took up photography last autumn as a hobby; I'm still learning the ropes and the best way to use my camera, but these are some of my favourite shots so far:

#introduction #photography

Hey, if you are new here, and need a (temporary?) avatar, I updated my page with all my generators: cats, birds, fenestars and abstracts, have fun!


RT @ExcelPope
Person 1: The glass is 1/2 full

Person 2: The glass is 1/2 empty

Excel: The glass is the 1st of February

deeply suspicious of any software engineer who doesn’t believe software is bad

My wife and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a four-day weekend. We went to two art and craft fairs. The only way this could have been more on-brand for us is if it had been a Renaissance festival. That's literally how we spent the first day of our honeymoon.

Okay new users, here's what you actually need to know

This is Wotan. He's the President of Mastodon

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