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My favorite survival/scavenger videogame trope: 5 calibers/types of pistol ammo, 3 calibers/types of rifle ammo, 1 (one) gauge/type of shotgun ammo.

Thinking about using sqlite for storage and realizing it's been so long since I did DB work from scratch that I can't even remember what relationship diagram tool I used to use? dia? Something more robust? I don't know.

Been filling my cultural lack watching all of Star Trek.
TNG feels like a roleplaying game to me. We need an away team to investigate this danger... let's send our top officers, our best engineer, and the irreplaceable android.
Even the characters feel like PCs.
I'm playing the only Klingon in Star Fleet.
I'm playing a unique android.
I'm playing a child prodigy who is an ensign before I even attended the academy!

When you put on instrumental music so you can focus on work, and minutes later realize you're not working but are just lost in the music.

It's been 16 years since I worked on HP-UX. I still occasionally try to type commands that don't exist in Linux. `swapinfo`.

How many times will Star Trek call back to a security officer who died near the end of the first season, and make that connection a major plot point?

Plenty of webcomics end... often in the middle of a story with no warning that the cartoonist is burning out and just going to walk away. Or get sick, etc.

So I'm used to that, and sympathetic to the stressful issues of keeping a comic going. So I'm annoyed at myself for being resentful of artists who turn away from a successful project to work on something I don't care about.

I mean, you spend twenty years with daily updates and suddenly it's gone and you're supposed to be happy for them.

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It's frustrating when a web cartoonist manages to turn their cartoon work into something bigger... they get a book deal or some other project and turn partially or entirely away from the work you love to work on something you don't care about, or for which you aren't the target audience.
I'm happy for them getting to pursue their dreams and make money on art. But frustrated that the thing I love is gone.

Why do we write employee performance reviews in third-person?

Every. Year.
Nintendo email: Thanks for adding funds to your Nintendo account.

Me: I didn't add funds! It is haxxorz!!

next Nintendo email: Thank you for your annual renewal of Switch Online membership.

Me: ooohhhh

Nintendo email from last week which I had forgotten about: We're going to be renewing your annual membership. Do not be alarmed.

one thing that makes Slack worse than email:
group DMs.

I have a _ton_ of different DM channels. Me and my co-manager. Me, my co-mgr, our boss. Those three + his boss. Me and two of my employees. Those three and another employee. Those four and someone from networking. Etc, etc. Every unique grouping has its own channel.

Email makes ad hoc groupings of people so much easier to manage.

I feel like my preferred office chair is like the old-school Unix daemons... I've had my chair (both work and home) for over 12 years. It looks and feels practically brand new. It's a rock-solid workhorse.... but when folks at work ask for recommendations, my chair gets overlooked because it's _not sexy_. Just like those core Unix daemons the kids are always looking to replace.

What's with the Grinch obsession this year? My company holiday party had a Grinch show up. This is another weird case of idolizing a villain. (Granted, [SPOILER] he turned good at the end, but still, that's not what he's remembered for.)

Literally cleaning the dust off my laptop so I can go into the office for a meeting.

Okay *past* midnight; I paused it after it did the icing on the first one, you'll just have to imagine it trimmed and with its little candy-cane ribbon hanger. Ia! Ia!

I am ded 😆

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I'm getting more and more disturbed by hearing about prison work programs that pay under minimum wage and incentivize judges to put people behind bars to bolster the economy.

TIL Barnes & Noble carries Chessex polyhedral dice.

As an elder nerd who grew up with obscure stuff like D&D and dial-up bulletin boards occasionally I look at today's world and go "how did *that* happen?"


Is a forklift _really_ a tractor?

And it's sitting on a trailer. If we're training a self-driving car AI, I think the trailer is the important part, not the cargo.

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