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Why has Slack buried "create a text snippet" so deep in the menu?

One of the neatest things about Netflix' _Daybreak_ is seeing Matthew Broderick and recognizing Ferris Bueller despite all the years. His character is really good.

Part of me misses working in the office. It gets quickly beat up and stuffed in a closet by the part of me that remembers 6 hours and $18 a week lost to taking the train into the city.

chess talk, beginner difficulty 

I think one of the hardest parts of being weak at chess, aside from just not seeing threats and hanging a queen, is not knowing good strategic moves from bad... it's hard to predict what your opponent might do, because you can't figure out what you'd do in their position either. Then they do something unexpected and I'm like, "Was that a clever strategic move, or was it just as dumb as it looks?"

chess talk, try-hard 

So I have this odd problem with online chess. I'm playing a couple "daily" games (up to 24 hours to make a move) against players who are rated higher than I am, and I'm winning both... but I'm only playing three games, where those two opponents are playing 20 each. I'm afraid I'm winning because they're not taking the individual games as seriously as I am... I'll spend 20-30 minutes on a move and they'll come back with a move in 5.

moving to soon 

Just trying to understand all the nuances of moving first.

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(interview with the vampire)
Vampire #1: we vant you to solve little problem on viteboard
Me: what's the compensation for this role?
Vampire #2: *hisses*

moving to soon 

So when I first joined the fediverse, it wasn't clear what I should be looking for, there weren't nearly so many instances, etc. and I just went to an index of instances and picked a big one that wasn't doesn't have any kind of central theme or cohesion to its membership, and it's occasionally down.

I've decided to make the jump to in the next day or so.

I have purchased tickets to force my adult child to experience Culture. She will probably resent me for it, then really enjoy the experience.

Now, to their credit:

They removed the topless dancer.

When the reworked the death animations, they made it so the female zombies stopped falling with their legs spread and the player looking up their skirt every darn time.

But it occurs to me... every female zombie wears a skirt or dress.

Oh, forgot to add the Sexy Nurse zombie. She used to be a source of medical gear, so the idea was she was a real nurse, but she was totally Halloween Sexy Nurse.

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7 Days to Die zombie survival game forum

Thirsty Boi: I only play female characters, can we get some sexxy outfits?
Real Woman: It's an apocalypse, woman would wear practical clothes.
Ardent Defenders: Don't worry, The Fun Pimps would _never_ objectify women!
TFPs track record:
* Company named after sex trafficker.
* Named businesses and perks in game with innuendo.
* Gave us topless dancer zombie.
* First thing to use jiggle physics: boobs.


Hamilton is not about Alexander, it's the tragic story of Eliza, who falls madly in love with an aspiring young man, waits for him to come home safely from the war, only to have him cheat on her, let their son be killed in a duel, then after they reconcile, is himself killed in a similar duel, leaving her to raise two children alone.

I cried during the song about their son's death and their reconciliation.

I once wrote a piece for the college newspaper. The editor changed one word, which changed the meaning of a whole paragraph. Thus ended my potential career in journalism. Not going to write for other people who can change the meaning of what I say and attribute the words to me.

BTW, this whole idea that men have to wear suits or sport coats is BS. I don't get how some people wear a suit to work every day. I'd go crazy.

How did society ever develop this idea that "looking good" means "being uncomfortable"?

Going to see Hamilton, where there's something of a dress code, and have been trying to decide what to wear for a week. The whole time, being constantly reminded that society uses expensive clothes as a gatekeeping mechanism to keep the lower classes out. Sure, the ticket price of the show is probably enough, but if you managed to save up for tickets, you'd still have to save up for "nice enough" clothes.

Really wondering if TikTok is going to result in the shortening of professional songs, as the public gets used to hearing 30-second snippets of music, even when it's an original song.

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