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My record collection is short on 80s synthpop.

These toots brought to you by watching 80s synthpop music videos... four rattails out of four so far. Lost count of the mullets, though.

Oh my, a search indicates it -is- making a comeback!

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With all the 80s nostalgia, why aren't rattails making a comeback?

Steve from Blue's Clues showing up to tell us he never forgot us is what we needed in these trying times.

I was born in the late 60s, and I grew up watching reruns of The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, I Dream of Jeannie, Betwitched, etc. (I would have been in kindergarten when Happy Days premiered.)

It's only recently that I discovered these originally aired in _prime time_, and that kind of blew my mind. I thought of these as kids shows, and it's amazing to think that adults would sit down in the evening to watch The Brady Bunch.

Animated Google Meet backgrounds were a mistake.

I could have told them this ahead of time if they'd just asked.

The worst meetings are when nobody leads it, there's no set agenda, and everyone sits there reading Slack, waiting for someone to have something to talk about and the meeting just doesn't end until the designated time.

Next week, I think I'm going to have to take control of this meeting. I think this 30 minute meeting could have been done in 10 minutes.

Today's random song that popped into my head that I can't get rid of:

Crazy On You, by Heart.

I'm super picky about what's on my desktop. For years on Windows, I just used a plain blue background, no icons.
Ten years ago on Linux, I found a visually interesting but not distracting bunch of random color swirls. 11 years later I'm still using this same background.
Ironically, I use a tiling window manager, which means windows fill the whole screen... I only see the background for a moment when I switch to an empty desktop.

This is totally what it's like being an RPG gamemaster trying to get players to make characters that fit in.

It always baffles me when shaving products are advertised with the image of a guy with about a week's growth of scraggly beard. Like, this is not the look your market is going for. Normally models are in the, "I want to be this guy," space. Are they going for, "I need to help this guy"?

I've built my career around automation and solutions with as few moving parts as possible. Simplicity has few points of failure and is easy to maintain and work on.
Modern engineers are like...

It's kind of interesting to think that there is so little footage of what typical life in the 80's was like... but when the teenagers of today want to look back in 30 years, there will be so much video. The really interesting question is... how will they find it? Will all of the TikToks be gone? Will YouTube still have millions of videos from 2020 when 2050 rolls around?

I like bardcore.

I don't need "One hour of medieval Eminem," though.

wonder if kids today still think that Kraftwerk sounds futuristic.

"We've just had a large confirmed tornado on the ground in" CUTS TO AT&T COMMERCIAL

See this is how I know I'm not in Tornado Alley anymore. KFDI knew when to throw to a commercial and it was always a roofer or body shop or Home Depot, ads specifically bought for "whenever there's tornado coverage."

Frustrating menu anti-pattern gripe... 

[1 more...]

If it's only one more, just display it instead of making me click to change [1 more...] into the missing item.

How hard is it to write logic that says " if N > 1: use [N more...] display scheme"?

Today's musical surprise: The Clash's guitarist is much more melodic than I expected.

London Calling is clearly moving away from their original punk sound... it's not nearly as loud and brash as I expected.

I wouldn't call it the best album of the 80's like Rolling Stone did, but it's listenable.

"Just a quick meeting for you to review these 7 PRs with me." 😐

I guess it's my fault for assigning those tasks, huh? 😂

Remember how ice cream used to come in rectangular cartons? Blew my little kid mind the first time I saw someone break the carton down and cut off slabs of ice cream with a knife at a birthday party.

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