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Frustrating menu anti-pattern gripe... 

[1 more...]

If it's only one more, just display it instead of making me click to change [1 more...] into the missing item.

How hard is it to write logic that says " if N > 1: use [N more...] display scheme"?

Today's musical surprise: The Clash's guitarist is much more melodic than I expected.

London Calling is clearly moving away from their original punk sound... it's not nearly as loud and brash as I expected.

I wouldn't call it the best album of the 80's like Rolling Stone did, but it's listenable.

"Just a quick meeting for you to review these 7 PRs with me." 😐

I guess it's my fault for assigning those tasks, huh? 😂

Remember how ice cream used to come in rectangular cartons? Blew my little kid mind the first time I saw someone break the carton down and cut off slabs of ice cream with a knife at a birthday party.

Have you considered the Use Case where the User is angry with you, doesn't like you, doesn't like your Product (tm), thinks your entire socio-economic class are measurably making everything worse and accelerating a global slide into fascism, genocide and extinction, and is only sullenly interacting with your Product (tm) at the cracking point of the harsh whip of capitalism because they will lose the ability to eat if they do not

because you might find that's quite a large class of users

@mwlucas It's always neat when someone at work posts a link to one of your books and says, "This is pretty useful." (Networking for Sysadmins in this case.)

Wow, @jgoerzen, you got OfflineIMAP off your plate and it really got some new life, huh?
IIRC, it was that bit of software that had you writing blog posts musing about the responsibilities created by releasing OSS and what to do when you had no interest in the project anymore.

My growing frustration with Thunderbird has me tempted to switch to Alpine. I used Pine for many years and it was hard to move to to a client that didn't run directly on my mail server, but HTML mail was pushing me that direction. Now mail is less relevant, and Alpine (a descendant of Pine) can do IMAP and the like. (Though using a proxy like OfflineIMAP would let me run local scripts against my folders.)

Waaait... my global retention rules should have done that if retention rules applied to Trash. But it lets me edit the retention rules.

TBird, why are you the best and worst mail client ever?

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TBird: Empty trash: on exit

Me: never exits Tbird

Trash: 10k+ messages here

Me, for years: Tbird needs an option to purge trash periodically without exiting...

Me, just now: ...I could just apply retention rules to Trash like any other folder.

Looking back on my last job, where I worked for 9 years and got promoted only once, I realize a lot of my problem was not communicating my desire to get promoted.
I had only one meeting with my boss where I told him I thought turning my lead role into a manager role would help the department, and in my exit interview, he denied any memory of the discussion.
Maybe if I'd put this desire in my annual review goals it'd have gone differently.

It always gets me how "way too old to be high school students" the actors in _Grease_ were.

This was the first movie I saw without adult supervision, and, as a teen, I don't think I realized just how old they were. I was used to adults playing teens in movies and TV, but 30-somethings playing students was a bit extreme.

(Stockard Channing, Rizzo, was 33. John Travolta was 23 and Olivia Newton-John was 29.)

Why, when faced with being in the path of a crashing airplane or spaceship, characters run -with the direction of- the approaching craft? Run toward it so it passes over, throwing all the debris away instead of toward them, or at least to the side. (Yeah, yeah, it'd be visually boring.)

if piracy is theft then it should be illegal to revoke access to digital purchases

Checking my background for dirty dishes before joining a meeting.

Gotta always be skeptical of shave supply businesses doing YouTube reviews of _products they sell_. I've never seen a seller give a bad review of something they have in stock.

IT infrastructure pro tip 

Name your servers after what they do, not after the software they run. Don't name your server "apache" or "mysql".

There are various reasons... it's more informative (purpose vs technology), you made decide to run different software so the name becomes a lie are the top ones in my mind.

(Seriously, I have dealt with the latter in a business environment. It's annoying.)

Oh, yeah, my favorite... the b2b marketing ("spam") that requires me to give complete contact information including phone number in order to opt out of all communications. :|

That thing where you've bought a new router and you want to put it on the network to pre-configure it while the original router is still active, but you're sure it's going to come up with live DHCP and start handing out addresses, and it's default IP is probably going to conflict with the other router on top of that.

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