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Has "lazy man's load" ever been used to refer to anything besides groceries?

Ways I can tell my kid is up:
Hall bath is unoccupied but light is on.
Dirty breakfast dishes on the table.

If outgoing funds are "expenditures" why aren't incoming funds "inpenditures"?

never underestimate the power of a player not knowing the character/weapon they're using is supposed to be bottom-tier

razor blades 

I suppose I should note they also just came in cardboard tucks back then too, so the fancy dispenser was for people with excess cash. I don't know when they started wrapping individual blades in paper.

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razor blades 

This is what I remember my dad's razor blades coming in when I was a kid... these fancy metal and plastic dispensers with a used blade "bank" on the bottom. They weren't refillable, you just threw them away with the used blades safely stored. This dispenser comes with 15 blades.

Modern blades come individually wrapped in waxed paper, which allows them to be stored in a tiny card or plastic box (with a slot for used blades in the back) just 5 at a time.

Horizon Zero Dawn not-quite-a-spoiler 

It's okay to cry for Aloy in the "birthday message" scene.

That scene, for me, really drove home how isolated and lonely young Aloy is. Her guardian loves her, but he's all rough edges and strict rules, and I don't think he knows how to have fun. The game devs put so much heart into such a simple scene, I literally teared up.

Every day, I think, "Today's when I'm going to get to those employee reviews." Every day is either full of meetings (doing job interviews again), or when I have "free" time people have been waiting on me to help them with project roadblocks.

I'm going to end up doing these reviews on the holiday weekend. I'm finally starting to understand why managers do so much of this kind of work outside of business hours.

The master bath is about 4 miles from the hot water tank. Takes over a gallon of cold water before I get hot. I'm thinking about getting an electric kettle to heat water for my morning shave. :|

I'm wearing denim shorts with knee-high compression socks. I am in the privacy of my own home. Manayunk should thank me for not wearing this to yesterday's art festival, with sandals. The heat had me sorely tempted, but I'm not yet old-man enough to say, "I don't care what you think!" But a few more years.. who knows? I'll at least buy some compression socks with snazzy patterns before I do that.

I'm going to come right out and say it: "troubleshooted" is not the word you're looking for, even if the dictionary says it's okay.

"I shooted the sheriff."

Unless that feels perfectly natural to you, "troubleshot" is the word you're after.

Sometimes I want to do a youtube channel of me playing competitive video games, to show the world that it's okay to be mediocre at them. But nobody would watch that.

Two art & craft shows in one weekend. I'm tired, but nature is healing and I bought my first pottery of the show season.

Shaving my head with a safety razor is a lot trickier than shaving my face. No injuries, visibly it's fine, but there are patches that are less smooth than others. I find I run my hands over my bald head a lot and it just bugs me that it's not all the same.

I got sucked into Amazon with Prime a very long time ago. Lately, recognizing both that Amazon is kind of a crappy employer, and that the third-party seller scene has gotten very iffy, I've tried to buy from smaller online retailers, especially specialty shops.
But it's always frustrating. $40 product, $12 shipping. "We've shipped your item!" except they just created a shipping label and hand-off to the carrier might be tomorrow. Inconsistent interfaces, etc. It's just so easy to use Amazon.

Looks at spreadsheet cataloging my sample pack of 18 different blades, manufacturer and country of origin, relative sharpness rated by two different sites, and my notes on each blade's comfort and performance.

Yeah, definitely a hobby.

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Shaving supply site: Welcome to the hobby of wet-shaving! 🎉

Me: Hobby!? It's not a hobby, I just needed a better way to shave. 😠

Also me, on the site to order a better shaving brush and lather cup: Okay, it's a hobby. 😐

strained parent relationship 

One weird thing about taking up shaving with a double-edged safety razor and all the fancy shave cream, etc... now I smell like my father. I haven't even used after-shave for like 30 years, and now all day after I shave, I'm thinking about my dad.
And the weird part is, my dad and I had a strained relationship all my adult life, but this vague reminder doesn't carry baggage... the "dad smell" is one of the few good things I remember about him from my youth.

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