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I will never cease to be baffled at medical office forms, writing my name and dob six times, etc. And because 15 minutes of forms isn't enough, throw in a survey, too.

@Herringway adulthood is about putting your chicken nuggies on top of your sketti with sauce and cheese and calling it chicken parmesan,

Years ago, I started a podcast. Did two episodes and said, "this is going to be a lot of work and I'll be terrible at keeping up and beat myself up about it." So I quit.
Years later, (when Google sends out a notification about feedburner going into maintenance mode) I find there are at least two people still subscribed to the feedburner feed and polling it daily.
Why'd I never delete the feedburner config?

MRTG gets weird when it has very few samples.
me: Graph this high-water mark value. The first two time intervals, the value is 65 each time.
mrtg: Okay. Max value is 63, current value and average are both 64.
me: :sus:

""Uh, had a slight weapons malfunction... but, uh, everything's perfectly alright now, we're fine, we're all... fine... here... now. Thank you. How are you?"

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You ever do this thing where "everyone" recommends a certain brand, but nobody can tell you why they are measurably better than the cheaper competitor, so you buy the cheaper one not because they're cheaper, but because you don't want to blindly follow the crowd, and suspect the more expensive one costs more because the market will bear it, not because they cost more to manufacture? (poly record sleeves in this case)

recycling humor 

What your are referring to as recyclable is only recyclable if it comes from the Recycle region, otherwise it is sparkling hot garbage.

Picked up The Moody Blues' _The Other Side of Life_ on Saturday... I knew a couple songs on it but the whole thing has a great feel. Another great addition to my 80's vinyl collection.

Just used the last of my 50-pack of LP inner sleeves. :o

And I haven't sleeved all 5 records I got on the weekend.

Went to the record store for the first time on Saturday. (Vaccinated and masked up.)
Amazing, I found an early-pressing Styx' _Paradise Theater_ in VG+ condition for $6. Listening to it now and it's the 1980's again.
Hard to be disappointed at finding the one record I really wanted in superb condition on my first outing, but this has the Styx logo laser etch. The one I had in HS had the rarer Paradise Theater laser etch. I think I still need to own that one.

Was Xanadu really so bad?
Is it only carried by the amazing music and my teenage crush on Olivia Newton-John, and I just can't see how terrible it was?

I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a #comic :
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)

:krita: #krita #MakingComics

Behold, the first stab at a chibi cohoot plush, because I saw that concept art and it had to be done.

Not sure yet about the beak, especially the little embroidered side feathers. Might have to make the upper bill a slightly more complicated shape so they're not just drawn on.

Wondering how many songs directly reference MTV.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, a Will Farrell romcom on Netflix, was surprisingly charming. It was silly, but not over the top farce like Farrell can sometimes be. It's not billed as a romance, but that's its real heart. Some reviewers seem to think it should have been more farcical, with non-stop laughs, but I think that would have ruined it.

What interests me about this is people at work say "ackle" (like cackle) and I'd never heard it before. Kind of like the number of people who say "tack" instead of "dash"... which apparently is a navy thing, and we had a handful of ex-Navy in the company for awhile and it rubbed off.

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There's a reason Stranger Things was set in the 80's, and nostalgia wasn't the only driver... modern communication can ruin mystery and suspense, and if the kids had all had cell phones, it would have been a different story.

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I used to watch old movies and think, "Huh, I wonder what it was like to live when things were like that." Now days I watch old movies and think, "Yeah, I remember when things were like that."

Things that have really changed... smoking in public, telephones, and airport security.

Bodies are a natural product. Some imperfections may occur.

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