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Also if the dentist's office wasn't playing iHeart Radio instead of a playlist I would have said I was being trolled when "Can't Feel My Face" came on.

It must be tough living in MacBook land, where your choices are so limited... "MBP 2015 was the last really good MacBook. Holding off upgrading, hoping they release something better this year."

I have never understood tech people's attraction to Macs, especially when they work on Linux in their job. The hardware is expensive, there is almost no selection, and all your eggs are in one basket.

"Minimum 2 each per purchase"

"Usage: knitting"

"Washing instructions: none"


Of course, "New Wave" is now considered to encompass even some ska and punk, so it's a pretty broad umbrella.

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So one thing I find strange about my love of 80's music... much of what I love was New Wave. I had no idea it was called New Wave back then. It was just pop music.
Some of this is probably because I grew up in a small town with a single radio station that played bland easy-listening. I didn't hear pop music on the radio, but did on MTV... I spent a lot of hours just watching music videos because it was one of the few ways I could learn about new music. That and jukeboxes and my few friends.

Dealing with that "a coworker has sent me a 'this guy has some really good stuff you can use for your department' but I have no idea how it helps me" feeling.

rando anywhere: I need recommendations for a chair that won't hurt my back.

me: Hold my beer, I got this.

I have a ruptured disc in my lower back. 10+ years sitting in a Sit-on-It TR2 task chair at home and work, this is the best chair I've ever used for daily long-term sitting. My 10-year-old chair is still almost like-new. New employer had Herman Miller Aerons... wrecked my back. Getting a TR2 there, just like previous job and at home, restored comfort in just days.

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

pandemic time 

12 months into the pandemic, I finally accepted that my laptop isn't going anywhere and dug out a network cable and plugged it into the switch.

Wondering if I'll ever get that last item on my hardware store shopping list I created over 3 years ago.
(2x #20 1-1/4" cap screw w/ wingnut, stainless)

Ten new listings, all queued up and ready to drop at 1PM EST tomorrow (Saturday) at Discount code is WELCOMEBACK10.

The two floral dragons are the only ones there won't be more of (I'm out of the floral fabric), and future dark lime dragons won't have a shamrock (unless someone specifically requests one, I guess). Except for the black rainbow mochi, I have more of the rest in progress already. So some quantities might go up a bit before the drop.

#plushies #art #sewing

I know it's nice out, but I feel we're still too deep into the pandemic for door-to-door soliciting, even if you're wearing masks.

The Car Wars AADA Road Atlas & Survival Guide (1987) was uncomfortably prophetic sometimes.

@CarlCravens The worst part of modern videoconferencing life is that people not wearing headsets makes things awful for *everyone else* and not themselves.

I know it's birdsite but if a proboscid lands on your selfie stick while you're skydiving then you can post it on fedi instead. In the meantime go to birdsite for this, it's worth it:

Me: Gonna search on "photographing s..."

Duckduckgo autocomplete: PHOTOGRAPHING SPIDERMAN

Me: No, but I like your thinking.

I have this feeling that our social greetings are going to become, "Can you hear me okay?"

I have a sort-me shelf in view of my webcam. I occasionally rearrange the stuff on it so my coworkers think I'm making progress.

pandemic aftermath 

Perfectly expresses how I feel about people who didn't follow pandemic precautions.

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