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One interesting aspect of my record listening... I never drifted away from album-oriented listening. Even in this age of streaming services, I still stream entire albums. Not much for playlists that mix different artists together. Maybe because I'm not much for building playlists that flow together well.. I was never a "mixtape" guy, despite being just the right age for the mixtape culture. I guess I never had friends into it, so I didn't get exposed to it.

So one thing that strikes me listening to records... how danged short a side is. I'm used to queuing up mp3s albums, often three or four albums deep. 5 songs, 21 minutes, time to flip the record. Another 20 minutes and it's time to pick another record.

It will be interesting to see how this interacts with work.

Trying to figure out why I didn't think I liked The Eagles for so many years... so many songs I didn't realize were The Eagles, I'm wondering what I thought _were_ Eagles songs.

It's not really Styx without both Tommy Shaw and Dennis DeYoung. The tension between their songwriting is what made them great. Add in the differences of the three lead vocalists (when you add in James Young's rarer but crucial leads) and it's an amazing formula.
I feel privileged to have been in high school when they hit their full stride and to have had their music influence my life so much.

And I forgot to alt text the image. My new Audio Technica turntable, spinning Styx' Kilroy Was Here. Modern digital amplifier in the background.

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It's all finally come together. My brother's Christmas gift arrived at the same time as my turntable... this was a defining record of my highschool years.

Been doing this vinyl collecting thing backwards. I've got a three records, I've got anti-static sleeves, I've got cleaning tools, I've got seven more records in transit, I've got an amplifier and speakers.

My turntable is finally going to arrive tomorrow. (Was scheduled for Monday, so a couple days early on the weekend instead of while I'm working is a nice surprise.)

Doesn't "working tirelessly" mean "we're not working hard enough to get tired doing this"?

It's very interesting to me just how many "copies" there are in producing a record.
A master tape is used to cut a lacquer... positive record image in soft material. You need a negative image to stamp records, but the lacquer is so fragile making a negative ruins it. So you make a single negative, from which you make one or more positives, from which you make multiple negatives for the stamping machines.
Your record is a 6th generation copy of the original studio tape recordings.

Why do I not read what I wrote _before_ I post it? I really know how to write well, honest. I just suck at bothering to proofread.

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On becoming a manager, while trading book lists with another manager, it struk me that there isn't a "management resources" section in our company docs system. Every team has a section with resources for how to do their jobs better and learn new things... except managers. They're supposed to just spread stuff by word-of-mouth and figuring it out on their own. It's like managers aren't supposed to let on that they have to work at being good at their jobs, too.

Watched a 1982 promo for CDs, before the first players actually shipped... they promised us smudge-proof, scratch-proof, unbreakable, never-skips media.
Boy, were we lied to on that one.

I find the idea that "a record has flaws straight from the factory so there are no mint records" kind of silly. What's the point of the mint designation if it can't be used?

I may be the only person who prefers Cheap Trick's _In Color_ version of "I Want You to Want Me" over the Budokan version (which charted). In high school, I had a promo single... I don't even remember how I got it, and I think "I Want You..." was the B-side, but I always loved that song, yet never got into CT. It was disappointing that the song was a "novelty" for them and not their normal style.

New hobby project: Going around NJ and eastern PA and taking photos of all the vinyl shops in that don't have photos. (Out of 64 in NJ, only 24 actually have photos.)

"curated selection of vinyl" == sorry, we don't have much room for stock

While we're on the subject of the Philly postal sort... 😆

cw: birdsite, porn mention, uspol kinda

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Orders record from local record shop via Discogs with "local pickup" option. Plan to pick it up tomorrow over lunch. Shop mails it anyway, into a postal service still overloaded with Christmas traffic. :|
At least it isn't going far.

music, sex reference 

Off and on, I've been working on this joke flowchart called "Is this Peter Gabriel song really about sex?" I can't quite get it to work out so it's actually funny, but I'll keep working on it.

Today I'm listening to Prince's 1999. Prince's flowchart is easy.

[ Is this Prince song really about sex? ]
[ yes ]

Maybe that's where the humor is... a set of flowcharts for various artists, and Prince's chart is the punchline.

Amazon shopper warning:
If you let Amazon delay shipping until your Prime Day, they won't hold limited stock for you. They didn't even say limited stock when I ordered on Friday, but by Monday it was out-of-stock with no estimate for when it would be back in stock. Thanks, Amazon, for screwing me over when I tried to make things easier for your employees.

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