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The irony of Labor Day, which celebrates the labor movement (blue collar job safety, end of child labor, etc), is that the whiter your collar, the more likely it is you'll get the day off.

The most conflicting thing I experience in Python is deciding whether to use double or single quotes _when they don't matter!_

I'm really confused how Google is pushing me out of Google Play Music and into YouTube Music, when YTM is missing features that GPM has had for years. (As similar as the interfaces are, I can't believe GPM has a "clear playlist" option and YTM doesn't.)
And don't even get me started on how random "bootleg" videos are prioritized in search results over artist/label-uploaded non-video music.

“But unless you too have published nearly 200 books, think it’s fair to give yourself at least twice as long as Danielle Steel to get back to your normal speed.“

Me: I could use some help with this advanced coding problem.

Coworker: You made a typo in this unrelated method. My work is done here.

Me: Thanks? :|

One of the joys of having a flex work schedule where I choose to start at 7 but most of my coworkers start at 10 is how quiet the mornings are (in the office and in Slack). Until I have a blocking problem and the people I want help from at 8 aren't going to be in until 10.

If you use paypal, they've recently removed the checkbox for "log me in automatically on this device" and just made that the default. Go to settings->security to turn it off permanently. (I never want auto-login on any device for any account that has access to my money. I don't even auto-login to Amazon, or Google Pay on my phone, etc.)

Try our app, it's exactly like our website down to the pixel except for how it accesses your contacts, location, microphone, pictures and camera and it's not always nagging you to try our app.

Wonders how many things in the world have been broken because they were left on a chair and forgotten.

In other news, I _don't_ need a new pair of headphones.

Dude necroing a 6-year-old rpg.stackexchange to mansplain something already covered by my top-rated answer. 😆

Action precedes motivation, procrastination precedes frustration.

My recipe to getting shit done is breaking down tasks into smaller and smaller chunks, until they seem almost too trivial to accomplish. Take baby steps into the right direction instead of going for the big leaps! Persist and you will eventually get there. Believe in yourself!

I love that a person registered a domain and set up hosting just for this:

Also, I could not possibly agree more with their advice.

I look at how programming gets more and more abstract, to the point that some devs are just writing "glue" that ties together more complicated modules written by someone else.
I want to lament this state of things, that modern devs don't tend to have the low-level understanding previous generations do, and feel like this is some kind of step backwards.
But then I think about how the assembly programmers must have felt the same when the first compiled languages were created.

I just answered a recaptcha that was "select all parking meters". I selected the two pictures of parking meters and hit "verify", but was told to select them all. I examined all the pictures closely... just two parking meters. So I selected the mailbox and it let me through. 🤦‍♂️

Even if legalized, there's a whole generation or two that's going to have trouble adjusting to "it's not shady to grow cannabis". We were exposed to the war on drugs since grade school, we've seen it portrayed as illegal in countless movies. And now I see Jim Belushi running a legal grow op and it feels shady to me. I support legalization, and my head is all for it, but my feelings have a lot to overcome.

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Am I a bad Python developer if I put

# end of mything()

at the end of every function/class definition of significant length?

To be fair, I do this in Perl, too.

New laptop. I disable Cortana.

Later: Windows re-enables Cortana.


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