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It is so weird to be reading the epilogue to the whole 20-year Schlock Mercenary story line. I don't remember when I started reading the comic, but it was pretty early... H Taylor certainly hadn't refined his art style yet.
The comic isn't ending... Really wondering where it's going to go next.

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Does a "free" tote bag actually convince anybody to donate to a charity?

Programming, every single time.

4 hours into the project:
"Awesome, this is straight-forward and we're almost done already!"

4 weeks into the project:
"WTF, how can this be so complicated?"

Here's what I want... a dual-monitor setup where when I move my mouse to the second monitor, I'm on a different computer. Like a KVM setup, where I have two monitors hooked up to different computers and seamlessly move between using the two.

I suppose I shouldn't complain about getting paged just as I'm getting ready for bed... it's better than getting paged at 2am. But man, there's something... disappointing...
about it.
At least it's my last night on-call for this cycle.

Reporting an Amazon seller for harassing me every week for _months_ offering me money to delete my 3-star review of their product. (Which violates Amazon's policies, and is unethical to boot.)

Why do I feel bad for doing this?

One way to spot the pretty legit looking phishing email... a company based in Texas doesn't write dates in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Okay but this totally looks like a thing where the manufacturer discontinues support and your shower stops working because it can't communicate with the server anymore.

This is the survey I want:
Amazon just delivered your package. How was it?
[ ] It was great!
[ ] Not so great.
[x] It was just a package delivery! Package deliveries aren't "great," they just are! Geesh.

in the old days i'd try to do something on linux and it'd be a bunch of scripts i had to edit. now i ask for help and everybodys like "no you have to use this service manager, work WITH the system not AGAINST it!" and im like "what the fuck can i just use the scripts again please". i bet i'll get used to the new way and in another 10 years everybody will be like "look you cant just keep using systemd. we all knew it was full of holes. you now must register your runlevels up onto the blockchain"

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There's this weird pattern where your company buys a new service, folks think, "Only execs and VPs should have administrative access," so they all get super-user roles. But they don't want to actually do the admin work, so they appoint lower-level people as super-user. And now you've got 12 super-user accounts, only 3 actively do that work, and the others are just dangerous security vectors. :/

Sometimes remote calls reveal too much about what your coworkers are like at home.

Right now there are current-events authors who just read this article and called up their agents asking to change their book title.

"A video showed the two executives, both clad in masks, sternly riding the coaster in complete silence. It ended with a message: “Please scream inside your heart.”"

YouTube: This concert stream will premier at 2pm on July 8. Would you like to set a reminder?
Me: Sure!
YouTube @ 2:08: Stream is starting!
Me: It's been going for 8 minutes already... I missed the intro. I knew I should have set my own reminder.

You just can't rely on technology... not even from the biggest technology giants of today. They will let you down.

Disney's "Fantasia" was released in 1940 (80 years ago) and is still not in the public domain.

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