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I'm glad there are beer commercials to let me know everything will be alright and we'll be able to come together again soon.

Thinking about setting up my office in the laundry room, where the hot water tank is. Nice and warm in there.

So dang tempted to set up my own Mastodon-compatible Pleroma instance. I don't really want the responsibility, but I like having control.

PetSmart: you'll need a valid driver's license or government-issued ID to pick up your kitty litter order.

Me: My dude, TSA let me fly on my COSTCO CARD.

In April, Cherry Blossoms bloom in Germany. Gifted by Japan after the reunification. Planted in 1980, Bonn's "Cherry Blossom Tunnel" is among Germany's most spectacular

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When you finally embrace your need to wear reading glasses, be prepared to buy a pair for: Each desk you work at, your bedside table, the chair where you read, and a pair to carry with you out of the house. It's much easier to have a pair everywhere you use them than to take the same pair everywhere. You will find decent ones are expensive at the drug store. You can find good ones for less online.

So I know these are trying times, but I don't think one shows up to even a remote
video interview in a t-shirt.

I want to talk to the HR person who scheduled me to conduct a job interview the last hour of my Friday. That is *not* when I am at my mental best.


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Funniest thing I've run across this week... a serious article, on a respectable cooking site, about pepitas, where they spend quite a lot of space insisting that pepitas are not pumpkin seeds, but that they are the seeds of a hull-less variety of... pumpkin.

It's kind of ironic that modern grassroots aid organizations can't get a new project off the ground if they can't find a web designer with time to build the website for it. "People are starving and we want to help them, but first we need someone to build the website."

Of all the lines from Babylon 5, Londo Mollari's has stuck with me the clearest... "My shoes are too tight, and I've forgotten how to dance."

I want to have words with any UI designer who has decided scroll bars need to be only 5 pixels wide. Tired of having to have 360 no-scope accuracy to grab a scroll bar with the mouse.

This spammer who keeps sending me faux-Maersk messages titled "Bill of Landing" is just trying to get me to answer "IT'S BILL OF *LADING* YOU MORON" to confirm my email is active, aren't they?

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