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Just because you can feed all your automated notifications into Slack doesn't mean you should.

When an author starts every chapter with a quote from another book or poem or song... do you just skip those?

GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries to access human-editable, plain text databases called recfiles:

My parents used to take baby me to a Mexican place every Friday night, and when I got old enough, fed me refritos. I loved them so much I would start yelling for a fork the instant we arrived.

Staff learned to keep a little pot of beans and a spoon near the door on Friday nights to hand to my parents as soon as they came in. 👶🤬

"We've been walking the ages, looking in the air for you."
Outline a roleplaying game or scenario based on this prompt.
(From Galactic Tiger's "House on the Hill".

One of the big arguments for containers/Docker is that it's so hard to make sure build environments are the same on all the developers' laptops, and they're time-consuming to maintain... and I've always wondered why these people didn't have use a single development environment on a shared system or VM. That's what we old-timers did and it still works, and is far less work to maintain than a docker infrastructure.

Wonders if chocolate in oatmeal would be a good thing. 🤔

I'm going to start a petition at work to demand they quit buying cheap toilet paper. Life is too short to put up with that.

So using Vagrant and virtual machines as build environments (vs just having a build environment on your laptop or a dedicated VM) is a thing now, and I'm wondering how much time is lost waiting on the environment to set itself up every time someone needs to test a build over and over.

I'm convinced sysadmins developed this method because they were jealous of developers starting a build and getting to go have a smoke.


This amazing movie is why all your award shows are a sham.


Such a difficult balance. One BT headset warns of low battery every few minutes when there is well over an hour of charge, another with less than fifteen minutes.

I wonder how much time is wasted by meetings before the meeting ever starts... people idling, having nothing productive to do in 10 or 15 minutes before the meeting.

So... just how does one approach a quote for that is well into the five-digit range, when one was expecting low four digits at most? It's not just that the service is way too expensive for what it does, it's that we'll never get that kind of value of it. It's a "nice to have" on our side, not a business-critical function.

My mother passed her recipes on to me by letting me copy stuff out of her cookbooks and, eventually, giving them to me.

I just passed my recipes on to my daughter by sending her a link to the Plack server that runs on my desktop machine and serves up the web pages and text files of recipes I've saved.

You ever run into someone who kind of rubs you the wrong way, like, "Just stop talking, nobody wants to hear about that right now," and you worry that this is how people see *you*?

Strange Planet simply makes me smile. Not enough of that in today's world.

I wonder how many games have been made that involve Santa losing all the gifts and the player recovering them.

(This toot brought you to you by 's Project CHEER.)

Looking at my Google Maps Timeline for all history, I find that GMaps has decided the place I lived for 20 years up until 5 years ago is the house next door to where I lived, and I am somehow strangely offended.

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