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So answer me this... why did force-ghost Yoda look older in _The Last Jedi_ than he did when he died?

I'm getting concerned about this "feedback culture" that's been developing over the years. Now Amazon wants me to rate deliveries and tick checkboxes... Delivered with Care, Above & Beyond, Followed Instructions, etc. It was a package, it was delivered, I'll let you know if I had any complaints. My big fear is that every time someone wants me to rate an individual person's performance (restaurant server, Lyft driver) that their job is on the line. Therefore I lie in my ratings.

Nothing quite like a 2 hour flight delayed taking off over 30 minutes and counting, and the only explanation being "still loading luggage" 20 minutes ago.

Ah, Christmas morning in a hotel, where the neighbor across the hall just opened the door and yelled "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!" 🀷

(inward, I think, but loud enough the whole floor heard it regardless)

Wondering how much fake whiskey was consumed in the filming of all the TV Westerns. This thought brought to you by Grit TV and my mom's house.

Hotels: Reusing towels saves lots of energy. If you would like to reuse your towels, just hang them up to dry.
Also Hotels: We're not giving you any place to hang your towels.

Well, phoo. Traveling and forget my glasses. Can barely navigate a room when I take out my contacts.

When I'm wrong, I don't mind being corrected on Reddit. I just wish the person offering the correction didn't seem so smug about it every time.

Sometimes I think my true purpose in life is only to copy links from -topic in this Slack into in that Slack and vice versa.

Juno Reactor's _Beyond the Infinite_ is still pretty awesome. His style changes from album to album, and while I like all of them, BtI is the sweet spot for me.

But there's another thing about Harry Potter... the story can be frustrating because of how unfair Harry's world is. Why does the school employ a janitor who hates kids and is out to get them? And it struck me on this read-through that this is the world through a tween's eyes... teachers are out to get you, they have favorites who can do no wrong, the rules are applied unfairly. It's a world of being powerless to defend yourself against those in power.

Rereading Harry Potter and one thing that strikes me... they're essentially mysteries, but the clues just aren't there. There's lots of misdirection, but there isn't enough information for the reader to figure out what's really going on. Is that intentional? Wanting the big reveal to be a surprise the reader didn't see coming, so the lack of clues is on purpose? I suspect so.

Don't obsess over performance of your code, obsess over making it readable and clear.

(in reference to my previous post)

Tell me, "fun-size" candy bars... what's "fun" about getting less than a full-size candy bar? More like "disappointment-size".

@CarlCravens Clearly when people buy a wing-brake the algo has noticed they subsequently need repair parts for vehicles they don't even own.

It's Amazon's daily recommendations that convinces me machine learning combined with detailed info about me isn't _too_ dangerous yet. Today's recommendation was a 100 pack of automobile fuses. They regularly offer me parts specific to vehicles I have never owned (and I've told them what models I own). I bought one thing related to a car (but not a repair part) six months ago.

"Police and wildlife officials suggest you slowly back away and seek shelter then call 911 if you spot a bear, or any other wild animal."

Like... *any* other wild animal?

Baffled at the number of "DKIM wizards" on the web... like I'm going to let a third-party generate my private key for me?

I regret that I grew up in a small town without PBS and Sesame Street... I only saw it when I visited grandma and grandpa maybe three times a year. Yet Sesame Street is still large in my mind as a part of my childhood. I can only wonder what it was like for kids who saw it every day.

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