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i bought one of the dice advent calendars from @silverseams and i am *pumped* for it

here's day 1!

That feeling when a web cartoonist I've followed for many years has refused to start a Patreon because he wants readers to get something physical for their money instead of just the webcomic that is already free (and I don't want physical books), and I discover he started a Patreon some time ago and hasn't really promoted it. :|

Whoops... carrier is 11 miles away. Difference between "Belmar" and "Bellmawr" NJ.

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Amazon Logistics has taken all of the fun and anticipation out of delivery tracking.
> Package departed Amazon facility 38 miles away
> Package arrived at carrier facility 70 miles away.
> Package is out for delivery.

Seriously, who thinks, "no, next-day delivery of a book of comic strips is NOT FAST ENOUGH, I need it by 8am."

Who thinks, "You know what, Amazon delivery trucks are not killing enough people after school and work, we need them to be racing around on the roads during the morning rush hour as well. We need those desperate gig workers struggling to meet a morning deadline as well as the unrealistic evening one."

(The second thought: Jeff Bezos, apparently. The first thought: I dunno but not me.)

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I wonder if it's college that trains some people to continue their work at home instead of being done when they leave the office. (Yes, my kid is complaining about college homework right now.)

In my tech job, I think the think that ticks me off the most is removing a bunch of hand-maintained config because it is both unnecessary and prone to cause errors, only to have something fail and discover someone has put all that config back and it triggered the "errors" part.

Don't sell yourself short on your resume, but how many subjects can you be an expert in at once?

I want to start a union to fight for more comfortable office temperatures.

Lately I've been thinking about how much Company B has to my data when they buy Company A. 

So I had an account on a Minecraft hosting service. They got bought by someone. I cancelled the service and left. Apparently they got bought, and years later, I'm getting a data breach warning from a company I've never heard of, and I can't even remember the name of the previous company. Really starting to think carrying account data over during a company merger should be opt-in.

My Android phone is now installing the _fifth_ update in 3 days. Like, someone at Tracfone realized that the update process has been stuck for a year and pushed them all out at once?

Oh, wow... got _four_ Android updates, and suddenly I'm on Android 9. Did not expect a full OS version upgrade.

When my phone said there would be three interruptions during the update, I thought it meant pop-ups... not that it had three separate patches to install with reboots in between.

Why do so many people capitalize 'FOB' when talking about a security token key fob? To the point that google suggests "What does FOB in key fob stand for?" is a common question. It's not an acronym. (And no, it doesn't mean Frequency Operated Button... that's a bacronymn people have invented to explain what those caps must mean.)

"Student driver" magnets on the car have been useful, but sometimes they backfire... like when one lady came up behind us at a stop sign, immediately went around on the right and made a left turn in front of us. Would have served her right if my kid hit her. (I'm sure she wasn't worried about how long we were going to take, but that she just wanted to get ahead of us. Some people are so rude.)

I begin to think that having a micro-fridge on my desk at work, where I can get a Coke without even having to get out of my seat, might be a bad thing.

Went into a Star Wars store in Disney Hollywood Studios and while we were resting in the air conditioning a dude's wife pointed out the Rey lightsaber (price not displayed...) and he spent a long time falling down the rabbit hole of what it meant that she was going to have a white light saber ("I mean, we saw white kyber crystals in that other store so we knew it was possible") and I was like my dude, if she points it out *and* listens indulgently, it is true love.

I discovered the reason they make me write it all down again is they literally wire my sheet into the file as the primary record.

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Note to self: There's a reason you used to make optometrist appointments late in the day.

Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to take the rest of the day off because everything is too bright and full of halos.

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