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I know that, theoretically, a battery and a capacitor can be pretty similar... but I'm still surprised to see that the "batteries" in my BT headset are _literally_ labeled as capacitors.

It is done. I have uninstalled Avast and will rely on Windows Defender. 1) Avast has gotten too big, slow and invasive. 2) Avast installed a web browser without my permission. (I use Windows entirely for gaming.)

Husband/kid are playing a game together over mic. Kid is upstairs so I'm only hearing half of it.

Carl: "Why are the pitchforks under the marmite?"

Pro tip: when your company has a communications problem, making your all-hands meeting monthly isn't the solution.

There are a lot of little annoying things about growing older, but I gotta say, I think nose hair is one of the worst at this stage.

Bead store, during order processing: newsletter members, enter the number from your newsletter here for free shipping.

Me: abandons order process to sign up for newsletter.

Bead store: *does not send current issue of newsletter*

Me: *does not place order*

The reward for running 5 minutes early in the morning is sitting on a stationary train for five extra minutes, waiting for it to depart.

When a new version of a service you run implements a complicated GUI configuration system on top of its config, and you generate your config out of scripts, and they fight. :|

I was just told by my SSL cert vendor (which bought my old vendor) that their new prices are so incredibly high because they've had to invest for the coming future of quantum computing to keep me secure.

I'm looking for a new SSL cert vendor. Trying to figure out if we can go with Let's Encrypt.

Why does my dryer have a "low/medium/high" setting if no clothing care label says anything but "tumble dry low"?

I am fairly certain _The Neverending Story_ was inspired by laundry.

*door slams open, Karen runs into middle of room*


*Karen runs out of room*

So what I'm getting from watching multiple Kickstarters involving printing books... you should budget to scrap you entire first print run. You're going to make a mistake, or your printer is going to make a mistake they won't consider worthy of a reprinting, and you're going to have a load of books you aren't willing to ship to backers. I've seen this sink a project, or end with the creator losing money.

#outfitaugust day 12: Steam punk
I'm not well versed in the style so I tried my best ^^;

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We have this weird phenomenon at work. We have a ton of ceramic coffee cups with the company logo. The fancy coffee machine is in the basement kitchen. The largest number of seats are on the 3rd floor. Over time, all the coffee cups migrate to the 3rd floor kitchen shelf. Occasionally I box a bunch up and take them back to the basement. But I don't drink coffee.

#commission i completed last night for @CarlCravens ! this be their #operator / #tenno in #warframe !

want a #chibi of your own #ocs ? #commissions are still open! proceeds currently go to help @spookysusie with food, bills, and birthday funds!

see here for more info!

#art #mastoart #chibis #oc

37 minutes stuck in an elevator. Not as bad as I expected.

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Been stuck in the work elevator for half an hour. Boss set off the fire alarm trying to reset it. I'll be deaf when I get out.

I wonder if tech recruiters would have more success if they realized how many of their potential recruits don't like phones and would rather do the initial, "Is this interesting to me?" via email or chat.

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