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This morning when I sat down at my desk, my cat came and sniffed my hand... sniffed and licked each fingertip, then nibbled my thumb. I'm concerned his food dish might be empty.

I picked up a six-pack(!) of canned air at Costco the same time my husband bought a four-pack on Amazon so I'm pretty sure we're on a DEA watchlist now.

This is why I've stopped backing video game Kickstarters and "early access" on Steam... "Estimated delivery: Jan 2016." It's now Jul 2019 and I'm still getting updates that, while what they've made is impressive, it's clear they've probably got more than a year left to go. I don't want a game released before it's ready, but this watching updates for years has been grueling. And the last, though good, didn't live up to expectations created through years of weekly developer updates.

I dislike this "quick survey" trend of "How likely are you to recommend?" then "Please tell us the reason for your score." I mean, just because I feel an 8 for your business doesn't mean I want to dig into and articulate *why* I feel that way. That's just lazy survey design and is asking too much of customers who see survey requests practically every day.

Would just like you to know, I like cats. Dogs are good, too, but here's my cat...

Diffie-Hellman parameter generation be like, "Yo, dawg, you wanted to work on something else the rest of the day, right?"

Early morning is my quiet time... almost nobody on my floor in the office before 9. Went down to the kitchen at 8 and ran into a crowd of 8 or 9 people... too much for me in the morning. Eye contact, greetings, people I've not met! Just let me out!

You would think, at my age, I would have actually watched Bob Ross before today. He's so amazing... his constant, positive patter is so soothing, and his brush is like magic.

Nice walk to the park, quiet lunch interrupted by constant alerts from Slack that I don't actually need to see. I wish it had multiple "mute" windows instead of just one period a day.

My toothpaste says it expired Nov 2017. Wondering how toothpaste expires.

Crest discontinued cinnamon some time ago. I have private stash. Just opened my next-to-last "expired" tube. Seems fine to me. Not sure what I'm going to do when I run out.

This is an an interesting shift in culture... when I grew up, you put on a record and everybody in the house listened to the same music, whether the kids liked it or not. It's not like you put on bulky headphones with a really long cord to do chores around the house. So we absorbed our parents' music.
Today, we've all got our little bluetooth headsets and music on our phones, so music is becoming a private experience. Our kids don't absorb our music unless we intentionally share it.

"Is it Windows Vista bad? Is it iPhone4 bad?! Don't tell me this is Zune bad!"

"I'm sorry, it is Apple Maps bad."


The problem with getting older is that visiting the doctor just results in visiting more doctors.

Why did Mama want to take his
Kodachrome away?

Started watching "The Kominsky Method" yesterday. It's basically about growing old... I'm on the edge of Boomer territory and it speaks to me. I love Alan Arkin... his delivery is so deadpan and funny.

Kind of tired of mobile puzzle games that have an interesting mechanic, but make the game impossibly hard so you have to buy bombs/power ups to succeed. Constantly nagging you to buy. So hard to find genuinely good games that I can pay a reasonable one time fee to play without ads or nags.

Just encountered a mobile game that wants $32 a month to remove ads. Uninstalled.

For all the info businesses collect about us online, they're pretty stupid about how they use it.
AMC yesterday: Thank you for seeing Spiderman!
AMC today: Spiderman swings into theaters, get your tickets now!

(Not that I can eat most of what's in a traditional vending machine anyway. And I'm not even in the office all week. But Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet made me think of it.)

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There's a point where I wish work's "free snacks" were just replaced by the traditional vending machines. Then I'd have more variety and it would be stocked more regularly. (Our stuff is stocked every morning, but the good stuff disappears fairly quickly.)

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