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"Is it Windows Vista bad? Is it iPhone4 bad?! Don't tell me this is Zune bad!"

"I'm sorry, it is Apple Maps bad."


The problem with getting older is that visiting the doctor just results in visiting more doctors.

Why did Mama want to take his
Kodachrome away?

Started watching "The Kominsky Method" yesterday. It's basically about growing old... I'm on the edge of Boomer territory and it speaks to me. I love Alan Arkin... his delivery is so deadpan and funny.

Kind of tired of mobile puzzle games that have an interesting mechanic, but make the game impossibly hard so you have to buy bombs/power ups to succeed. Constantly nagging you to buy. So hard to find genuinely good games that I can pay a reasonable one time fee to play without ads or nags.

Just encountered a mobile game that wants $32 a month to remove ads. Uninstalled.

For all the info businesses collect about us online, they're pretty stupid about how they use it.
AMC yesterday: Thank you for seeing Spiderman!
AMC today: Spiderman swings into theaters, get your tickets now!

(Not that I can eat most of what's in a traditional vending machine anyway. And I'm not even in the office all week. But Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet made me think of it.)

There's a point where I wish work's "free snacks" were just replaced by the traditional vending machines. Then I'd have more variety and it would be stocked more regularly. (Our stuff is stocked every morning, but the good stuff disappears fairly quickly.)

How to get a senior systems engineer to drop everything do a complicated upgrade on a critical system he says he doesn't have time to do right now:

Tell him a junior admin is going to do it.

How is it cell phones videos bypass all of our social standards of not bothering your neighbors in a restaurant?

My phone has more CPU cores than my desktop machine.

One of the worst things about text chat as work communication (whether IRC, slack, etc) is asking a technical question, and while you're waiting for an answer, someone else posts a totally different question that sparks a conversation, and your important technical question goes unanswered.

I didn't have this much trouble with team mailing lists.

This toot brought to you by a dev who is editing code where all the variables are different from the DB and are confusing AF, but policy doesn't let me rename variables for clarity.

Simple DB dev tip: When naming variables that correspond to a field in the DB, give it the same name as the field, unless you have good reason to do otherwise.

I think I use my letter opener to flick crumbs out of my keyboard more than I do to open mail.

Google Music:
Wednesday afternoon: how about listening to that album you've listened to every day for a month?
Monday morning: how about listening to that album you've listened to every day for a month?
Every Day: How about...

Yeah, Google, I listen to that album every day. Your recommendations are not exactly Deep Neural Net AI quality here.

My wife's been posting pictures of her creations alongside photos of old Dragonriders books. I barely remember my great grandfather. He died when I was little. Years later, after great-grandma died and we were cleaning out the basement, I discovered in the many boxes of old books, some very early prints of Tolkien, Lovecraft, McCafferey, etc. It made me regret I never got to know the man because we clearly had something in common.

Toxic masculinity. Does that mean all masculinity is bad? No! Not at all.

This comic explains it fairly well. The term Toxic Masculinity is from Social Sciences, to help explain certain problems in the current image of Masculinity, which hurts both men and women.

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