@craigmaloney WTH, autocorrect!? (I really miss Swype. Neither SwiftKey nor the Android keyboard are as good at getting it right?)

@brennen "war on having any users" I see you also use Firefox.

So... just how does one approach a quote for that is well into the five-digit range, when one was expecting low four digits at most? It's not just that the service is way too expensive for what it does, it's that we'll never get that kind of value of it. It's a "nice to have" on our side, not a business-critical function.

@ITsecJ We did switch to Linux at a previous job. It didn't go well. People wanted to use the same OS and tools they had at home. Even though they could do their jobs, they were unhappy with it. We switched back to Windows after two years.

My mother passed her recipes on to me by letting me copy stuff out of her cookbooks and, eventually, giving them to me.

I just passed my recipes on to my daughter by sending her a link to the Plack server that runs on my desktop machine and serves up the web pages and text files of recipes I've saved.

You ever run into someone who kind of rubs you the wrong way, like, "Just stop talking, nobody wants to hear about that right now," and you worry that this is how people see *you*?

Strange Planet simply makes me smile. Not enough of that in today's world.

@craigmaloney Same. G+ was a mostly well-designed platform... I was disappointed that it didn't gain traction.

@craigmaloney And a kind of momentum... It's frustrating to change platforms. It's an unknown. Easier to stay with the devil you know. All your friends are there. Coming to mastodon, I have almost no overlap with my Twitter follows after over a year.

I wonder how many games have been made that involve Santa losing all the gifts and the player recovering them.

(This toot brought you to you by 's Project CHEER.)

Looking at my Google Maps Timeline for all history, I find that GMaps has decided the place I lived for 20 years up until 5 years ago is the house next door to where I lived, and I am somehow strangely offended.

You know how tricky it is to change a deploy process to prevent people from deploying with the script in an old copy of a repository? Chicken and egg... changing how the script works won't fix the problem until everyone updates their repo, and not updating the repo is the problem I'm trying to avoid.

grown-ass adult with a mortgage and kids: Is this pizza still good?
me: It's been out since yesterday. It should be thrown away.
GAAwaMaK: It's been less than 24 hours, it won't kill me.

Friends, this is not how food works... not even pizza. Over 2 hours at room temperature, throw it out. It's called food _poisoning_ for a reason.

I have a desktop micro-fridge that holds 6 cans of soda. I felt guilty about the electricity it uses, until I realized that taking the elevator to the basement kitchen every time I want a soda uses way, way more electricity.

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