@seachanged I was today days old when I learned about Gresham's Law.

My husband, no context 

@whami Is watch that.

A while back, I made a poor life choice. I am providing this information free of charge so that maybe you can avoid the heartache it's brought me.

I bought a fridge a while back. Shopped around, the usual, found one I could live with that lacked any smart features. Nice sort of space gray metal on the outside.

Got delivered and installed one day, by some nice folks. And it turns out, to my shock and horror, that the fridge is not magnetic. No fridge magnets. No little whiteboards. No reminders held up by letter magnets that totally don't spell something obscene. No magnet poetry that absolutely is obscene. And now I'm stuck with this fridge until it dies.

So, don't be like me. When you're shopping for a fridge, take a magnet.

@platypus I was ready for a year. I wasn't ready for anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers dragging it out so much.

@whami My wife and I go to a lot of art & craft shows and have had multiple discussions about how factory tech making it's easy into homes had really blurred that line... is her machine embroidery "handmade"? But there is stuff on Etsy that is clearly made in bulk and resold by multiple sellers.

@whami Spend my free time reporting sellers using the "handmade" tag on bulk-made factory goods? Etsy had strick rules about that... I don't mind so much that they're selling on Etsy, but they make the "handmade" filter useless.

@pagrus I've been trying to come up with something I could put on a sticker. 🤔

I figure tonsures of monks were because some old guy didn't like the young guys having so much hair.

"What theme should we do this year?"

"Hmm, how about 'Halloween decoration bingo blackout'?"


Etsy is doing a "create a collection" contest. I'm tempted to create a collection of 10 IP violations.

Julian: That whole away mission should have been an email.

@art Those are the best kind of diner. If the food were really good, they'd be crowded all the time and popularity would ruin it.

So I started watching _The Queen's Gambit_. I enjoy chess biographies, and chess movies, fictional or fact, are fun. But two episodes in, I'm kind of bothered by the idea that she needs sedatives in order to concentrate on chess.

One of my earliest audiobook series was the Cadfael mysteries. I stopped listening to library tapes before I finished the series, and now that Audible has them, I decided to listen to them all again.

It's interesting how in the first book, we're introducing this monk who solves murders, but the murder happens at 3 hours, a third of the way into the book. There's no indication that this is even a murder mystery, and it's still not clear at 4 hours that Cadfael is a medieval detective.

Tricks my cat has learned:

Walk on my nightstand and chew on glasses and cords to get my attention when I'm trying to sleep.

Stand with his butt in my face to get my attention while I'm trying to sleep.

Stand on me and knead my ribs to get my attention while I'm trying to sleep.

He's very talented, when I'm trying to sleep.

I'm always baffled by web designers making what seem like simple UX mistakes.
Multi-page settings screen. "Save" button is at the top of the page, but you end up at the bottom when you're done reviewing/changing settings.

@whami Of course these are the end times... the pastor who conducted my mom's funeral said so in the eulogy. 😬

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