@drachenmagier These are amazing. Bookmarking redbubble for the morning.

@dmoonfire @welshpixie Heck, I've reached a point where I don't give advice to people I know anymore. But a lot of that is from experiencing the other end... I complain about some software, and I get six recommendations for an alternative. I have my reasons for using the software (employer mandate, I prefer it despite annoyance, etc) and those random suggestions by people I don't know is aggravating.
I can't imagine the "help" I'd get if I were a woman.

heart monitor, funny 

Tech applying the sensor patch gave me extras and showed me how to apply it, saying the patch loses stickiness after a couple days.

Yeah, when you stick it to my chest hair instead of shaving it first, it doesn't stick well at all.

Fortunately it's just the edge of the patch and not the sensor area that is loose.

@platypus @bgcarlisle Name like that, she's definitely going to do her own thing.


@kemonine My mom used to work for a cardiologist. Back then you carried it around on a shoulder strap and it stored data on magnetic tape.


@kemonine Actually worried it won't decide to act up... it comes and goes, apparently with stressors, I think.

But I got one of the newfangled ones... patch smaller than my hand, device is smaller than an Oreo and water resistant.


Happy Holter (heart) monitor day.

Gotta wear it for five days, probably won't get to shower unless it's a new water resistant model. But hopefully it'll tell the doc something to make decisions from.

@touk If you want a convertible, just buy a convertible.

@phocks I wish all these big services that should know better (e.g. my bank) would quit suggesting I add my cell number "for added security".

@lilithsaintcrow Middle school was the worst years of my life, and the sadistic PE teacher and those dodgeball bullies were a big part of that.

@silverseams You just need a little container for each plush... like a zip bag or a quarter shoebox.

I got M some of this and she is currently drinking water and blowing her nose while I go "WAS YOUR BURRITO TOO GAY?" 😆


It's interesting to me that the most expensive computer setup I've ever bought was my second one: a Laser 3000 (Apple IIe clone), floppy drive, monitor and dot-matrix printer.

In my early high school years (84?), my parents cosigned a loan for just over $1000. In 2022, this would be almost nearly $3000.

I have never spent $1000 on a single computer since, let alone $3000.

(My first computer was a TS 1000 on clearance for like $75. Over $200 in today's money.)

@mwlucas Same. I literally can't work on a non-ergo keyboard for more than a very short period. It's something that no laptop manufacturer seems to be trying to address.

@kelbot "Violence Fight" does not inspire you to purchase?

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