@CarlCravens Clearly when people buy a wing-brake the algo has noticed they subsequently need repair parts for vehicles they don't even own.

@gamehawk Hehe... now we've gone from safety to discrimination. Pigeon can't even ride now.

It's Amazon's daily recommendations that convinces me machine learning combined with detailed info about me isn't _too_ dangerous yet. Today's recommendation was a 100 pack of automobile fuses. They regularly offer me parts specific to vehicles I have never owned (and I've told them what models I own). I bought one thing related to a car (but not a repair part) six months ago.

"Police and wildlife officials suggest you slowly back away and seek shelter then call 911 if you spot a bear, or any other wild animal."

Like... *any* other wild animal?

Baffled at the number of "DKIM wizards" on the web... like I'm going to let a third-party generate my private key for me?

I regret that I grew up in a small town without PBS and Sesame Street... I only saw it when I visited grandma and grandpa maybe three times a year. Yet Sesame Street is still large in my mind as a part of my childhood. I can only wonder what it was like for kids who saw it every day.

i bought one of the dice advent calendars from @silverseams and i am *pumped* for it

here's day 1!

That feeling when a web cartoonist I've followed for many years has refused to start a Patreon because he wants readers to get something physical for their money instead of just the webcomic that is already free (and I don't want physical books), and I discover he started a Patreon some time ago and hasn't really promoted it. :|

@gamehawk what, you don't think real dinosaurs have glow-in-the-dark scars?

@silverseams I think at the game table the green is appropriate.

@gamehawk Millennial-Gen X Cusp

37 to 42, not sure which generation I belong to. Off by a decade.

Whoops... carrier is 11 miles away. Difference between "Belmar" and "Bellmawr" NJ.

Amazon Logistics has taken all of the fun and anticipation out of delivery tracking.
> Package departed Amazon facility 38 miles away
> Package arrived at carrier facility 70 miles away.
> Package is out for delivery.

@fribbledom I know what you mean. BBSes and early internet were so different.

@gamehawk So funny/sad to watch a new generation believe they have it all figured out and previous generations are all messed up.

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