@jfred srsly, they'd never heard of ImageMagick. I got an award for knowing about OSS more than most at Boeing.

@lucytea You're talking noise from a physical connection? Yeah, I fought with some of that, and fought with static electricity. I moved to a USB SoundBlaster (from the on-board) hoping it would deal with noise, and it had its own problems... including the static electricity causing it to lock up.

I finally got a 2.4ghz wireless (the tech a cordless phone uses, no noticeable delay because it's not dealing with wifi or BT protocols) and it's solved all of those problems.

@ziphi This is one of those funny things about video game design. There's a button, I bet pushing it helps solve the puzzle. There's a weird gizmo, I bet I'm going to need to that later.
But the funny part is, if you introduce red herring gizmos and there's inventory limitations, players will get mad at carrying the red herring the entire game and not finding a use for it. And they'll assume they missed a hidden puzzle.

It always amazes me to hear about people who use programming to automate their job, but don't tell anyone the computer is doing it, and then just pretend to work. I built my career out of automating jobs, but that just resulted in being given more work.

I guess I had plenty of things where even tech coworkers hadn't considered that a job could be automated. I got an award at Boeing for keeping them from hiring temps to manually convert a bunch of graphic files to a new format.

@whistlewright Oh, he's relieved to see me, but secure enough to let me know he's mad at me for leaving him.

Home again, home again. Man, I love seeing my family, but traveling is just a lot.

Cat will probably snub me for about another hour before he jumps in my lap and forgives me for being gone for days.

@gannet July just started, how can it be August in a few days?

Not serious 

@socks Can you imagine the marketing meetings about what to name it?

Windows gripe 

@cstanhope When companies stopped thinking of the software they sell you as the product, but simply as a way to reach you with more advertising, or a way to gather data about you they can sell, things really changed. I think this is the real strength of FOSS... that it generally has no agenda beyond solving the software problem.

@whami @gamehawk Every time I opened my work backpack, I found oatmeal in the bottom. Because I spilled a container of oatmeal in it, and no matter how much I cleaned, I could never seem to get it all. For years.

@whami I love seeing the wear that shows it was really in use. Stand-by modules are cool, but actual "people took this into space" stirs the imagination.

@craigmaloney Okay, I'm not always a fan of Buni, it often falls flat for me... but that was dumb and hilarious. 🤣 I laughed out loud.

@gamehawk I don't get robocalls. I just get text message reminders of scripts needing refilled and having been filled. That's weird.

Realized today that when I make hiring decisions, I am changing the course of people's lives.

Should I be watching out for the TVA? I might be making alternate time-lines. 😨

Funny how Amazon Prime gets more expensive and Amazon gets more and more lax about their 2-day delivery... they used to give me a credit when my 2-day package was late. Now they're just, "Meh, maybe tomorrow or the next day."

"Out for delivery" and then "sorry" is most common when they use their own drivers. Underpay contract drivers who don't belong to a union and quality of service goes down. Who would have thunk it!?

(No blame to those poor drivers in these conditions, though.)

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