on the road. again. 

@gamehawk @whami I, on the other hand, listened to audiobooks non-stop on the u-haul 3-day drive out here. Don't know how I would have done it otherwise.

@silverseams Oh my. If it works, that should make some amazing wings.

@art The second shot is when it really hits you. Not badly, but enough most people I know took off work. I ran a fever and was tired and achy. Spent most of the day watching TV. Was too tired for videogames.

bugs, death 

@silverseams According to Philadelphians, it is your moral obligation to squash them.


@craigmaloney I really don't understand the "Someone took the trouble to enter this info into the encyclopedia, but I don't care about it so I'm going to delete it," attitude of a lot of wiki editors. Do they realize how many people get their first contributions deleted or reverted and never come back to contribute again. (This guy, for one.)

""Uh, had a slight weapons malfunction... but, uh, everything's perfectly alright now, we're fine, we're all... fine... here... now. Thank you. How are you?"

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You ever do this thing where "everyone" recommends a certain brand, but nobody can tell you why they are measurably better than the cheaper competitor, so you buy the cheaper one not because they're cheaper, but because you don't want to blindly follow the crowd, and suspect the more expensive one costs more because the market will bear it, not because they cost more to manufacture? (poly record sleeves in this case)

recycling humor 

What your are referring to as recyclable is only recyclable if it comes from the Recycle region, otherwise it is sparkling hot garbage.

@djsundog Also known as 'git you-touched-it-last' in my aliases.

derecho repair (-) 

@dmoonfire I remember finding roofing nails in the yard for years after a reroofing job.

Picked up The Moody Blues' _The Other Side of Life_ on Saturday... I knew a couple songs on it but the whole thing has a great feel. Another great addition to my 80's vinyl collection.

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