Pro dev tip: If your deploy process doesn't remove files that are renamed/removed in the code repo, it's broken.

(This PSA brought to you by the guy cleaning up a years-old deploy by rebuilding it from scratch and figuring out what to do with all the stuff that isn't in the repo because of above plus manually deployed files never put in the repo.)

@brennen I depend on feeds to keep up with stuff... I can't manually visit a collection of bookmarks or keep up with forums. I need stuff delivered to me.

@brennen I'm late to this, but I'm running Buster on my work laptop and it's generally fine. (I mean, fighting with PulseAudio is a tradition at this point.) My wife had a problem with a really old Nvidia card falling out of "native" driver support when she jumped two OS versions. I have yet to upgrade my own desktop, though.

I know that, theoretically, a battery and a capacitor can be pretty similar... but I'm still surprised to see that the "batteries" in my BT headset are _literally_ labeled as capacitors.

It is done. I have uninstalled Avast and will rely on Windows Defender. 1) Avast has gotten too big, slow and invasive. 2) Avast installed a web browser without my permission. (I use Windows entirely for gaming.)

@joeld I may have forwarded this to the image maintainer at Linode.

@gamehawk So what got me is the kid and I both looked at an icon and thought "marmite" and I didn't even expect her to recognize a jar of it.

Husband/kid are playing a game together over mic. Kid is upstairs so I'm only hearing half of it.

Carl: "Why are the pitchforks under the marmite?"

@craigmaloney Yep yep. To make it worse, it's over the lunch hour.

Pro tip: when your company has a communications problem, making your all-hands meeting monthly isn't the solution.

There are a lot of little annoying things about growing older, but I gotta say, I think nose hair is one of the worst at this stage.

@malin But yes, annoyed at lack of var expansion in braces.

@malin not at my desk, but doesn't seq take an optional step, which can be -1?

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