Second pizza weekend, my best-looking pizza so far.

food, backyard cooking 

Backyard pizza finally happened. Handmade dough turned out well. Made a few minor mistakes, but almost all was eaten. I can see just a little practice making this mostly routine.

Not feeling so hot, so I took the afternoon off and distracted myself by burning in the pizza oven.

Went to the Manayunk art festival today, where it reached 91° F, and while I was sitting giving my back a break, the Mr Softee truck rolled up. I took this as a sign.

My life is an ongoing battle for possession of my office chair.

I like this little amplifier, but I wish they'd made the media control buttons easier to see. They're more obvious in the photo than reality. I have to find them by feel and remember what they do.

(I never planned to use the Bluetooth hookup, but I find that's easier than having my good headphones attached to my phone all the time. And easier to pause with the media buttons than unblanking my phone screen. And bouncing between computers makes them awkward for music.)

Is this a bad idea at my age? Is it dumb to learn Japanese just to enjoy anime and manga more? Stay tuned and find out!

for @platypus
"I'm sorry for your loss"
are never adequate words
but know I understand your pain

Neural net makes art based on text prompts 

prompt: "midnight raven"

When your work slack has a habit of bad pun chains, but your channel is all seriousness, and your HR head just drops this serious pun-bait, and you're like...

That feeling when you've been off work for a week, and it's Monday morning and you're looking at Slack... and you're afraid to dive in, because you know it's going to take you all morning to catch up.

You ever buy an article of clothing that turned out to be such a mistake you considered never wearing it again?

That feeling when you've been away from work for 3 days and you're catching up on the team slack, and you hit that "55 replies" thread.

razor blades 

This is what I remember my dad's razor blades coming in when I was a kid... these fancy metal and plastic dispensers with a used blade "bank" on the bottom. They weren't refillable, you just threw them away with the used blades safely stored. This dispenser comes with 15 blades.

Modern blades come individually wrapped in waxed paper, which allows them to be stored in a tiny card or plastic box (with a slot for used blades in the back) just 5 at a time.

I just realized (thanks to the comic The Devil's Panties, which is not about Satanic underwear) that this hand gesture doesn't mean "telephone" to at least a whole generation.

That feeling when you trial an online app, it doesn't meet your needs, but the sales guy won't quit pestering you, and you come right out and tell him your spreadsheet does a better job than their app.

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