Don't the people who write "on hold" phone systems realize that we just want to hear hold music until someone can answer? We don't need "please be patient, we are assisting other customers" or an ad for other services every 30 seconds.

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@brennen @CarlCravens When I worked for $AIRLINE it was linked up to the ATC radio for Mid-Continent (now Eisenhower). I once picked up a call and had a pilot(!) frantically go "put me back on hold, put me back on hold!" and I stabbed the hold button and then was like... now what? I'm looking at this blinking light going wtf?

Turns out during the transfer to me he heard some excitement from the tower and wanted to hear how it played out. 😆

@brennen @CarlCravens ISTR that was the one that went like

Tower: Okay $PAXJET, you should be clear except for $OTHERPAXJET at 2 o'clock

$PAXJET: Yeah, ICT, how about Cessna at 12 o'clock?

Tower: *frantic yelling at GA pilot who is merrily trying to land on the wrong runway oblivious to the jet formerly bearing down on him, now executing a go-around*

@CarlCravens it's almost as they were actively trying to discourage callers...

@CarlCravens Some people hear chamber music and automatically think "missed opportunity"

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