Wondering how many times in my life a Firefox update has inserted the "Getting Started" bookmark back into my bookmarks toolbar.

And wondering how long it has taken me to notice each time.

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@CarlCravens i gave up and nuked the bookmarks i had there in favor of archivebox+wallabag and tags

the browser folk mess w/ the settings too often for my feelz

i always think: yes, ive been using FF since it was first released as a nightly build as a leaner form of its predecessor. there is 'no getting' started for me. thats long over the horizon

how about a 'release highlights' and save the rest of the spcheil for fresh installs and first launches on a profile?

@CarlCravens While also setting it to start asking if you want it to record passwords. Again.
Seriously Firefox, NO MEANS NO!

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