Turning on the monitor to my gaming machine to find "Let's finish setting up your Windows device" always fills me with dread.

What might go wrong this time?


Ironically, things rarely go wrong on my Windows machine, but the thought of having to fix something hangs over my head. I just want it to work.

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@CarlCravens aaand i need to verify the one lesser used rig isnt sitting at a prompt...

id be chill with it (etc-update is no less scary imo) if they let other shit like core updates happen despite the fact youre 'not done poking 2 checkboxes to opt out'

dont make me spend an additonal 10-90 minutes getting caught up cuz it got 'stuck for 2 weeks'

@CarlCravens it was not but it looks like a few app updates should be performed

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