It sure is liberating to just block people rather than argue with them. I said the witty come-back in my head, that's good enough.

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@neglesaks Masto. I'm not really on Twitter anymore.

I rarely run into people I want to block on Masto, but I've hit a point where I just don't want to give them any energy. No benefit of the doubt, no "they didn't mean to be rude". Never seen them before, they're popping up in my replies out of nowhere to tell me to switch to FOSS, instance has a sketchy name, no loss if I just block them, right?

@CarlCravens I suppose. I can understand if you don't care to interact with someone, but if it's any help its relatively few people I've seen "here" (the Fediverse) that has been agressively in-your-face like people are on Twitter, and I've limited by blocking to one or two domains, and that's it, works well for me.

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