systems engineering gripe 

One thing that drives me nuts... we're going to use Debian Linux stable release. But we're going to decide we need key applications to be newer than what Debian provides. So we install those from another source. But they rely on a different version of Python, so we install another version of Python alongside Debian's version.

Now the "advantages" the newer software brought us is burdened by maintaining a non-system-provided Python, multiple upstream repos, etc.

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systems engineering gripe 

@CarlCravens O_o

nothing like ruining the point of using debian...

systems engineering gripe 

@CarlCravens i feel like theyd benefit from arch or alpine at that point

if youre gonna motor upstream you may as well build a proper boat to ferry you along...

re: systems engineering gripe 

@CarlCravens python 3.9.2 was released february of last year... that isn't recent enough to support your applications?

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